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Presentation Authors
Creating Learning for Educated Citizens Yamasaki, Dr. Megumi
L08P0001 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
A Synopsis of Diversity in Children's Literature Esch, Dr. Ginny
L08P0002 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
The Role of Different Types of Schools in Promoting Unity in a Multi-plural Society: Stories from Malaysia Hussien, Dr. Suhailah
L08P0003 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Exploring Television HIV/AIDS Education in light of Needs, Experiences and Expectations of Urban youth in Uganda Kakembo, Frederick
L08P0006 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Students’ Perspective of Practical Work in Learning Sciences
  1. Chan, Dr. Jason K. Y.
  2. Yim, Eunice Pui-Yu
L08P0007 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Obstacles to Thinking in Pre-service Teachers: The Case of Komenda Teacher Training College in Ghana. Owu-Ewie, Dr Charles
L08P0008 Paper Presentation Accepted no
A Study on the Application of Concept Mapping with Emphasis on Environmental Issues: A Case of Kotebe College of Teacher Education (KCTE, Ethiopia) Dilsebo, Yasin
L08P0009 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Sports and Counselling: Tools for Social Mobilisation in HIV/AIDS
  1. Lapite, Akolade Olubunmi
  2. Ogunleye, Victor A
L08P0012 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Cruel Clicks of a Mouse: The Gendered Nature of Cyberbullying Quark, Ashley Adams
L08P0014 Paper Presentation Accepted no
How does Globalization Effect an Assessment of Community-Based Literacy? Tandon, Kevonna R.
L08P0015 Paper Presentation Accepted no
From Limited to Limitless Access: An Exploration of Indonesian Students’ Internet Use Suryani, Anne
L08P0017 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
ESL Learners' Learning Motivations and Strategies
  1. Lu, Dr. Yi-Chen
  2. Berg, David Ryan
L08P0019 Paper Presentation Accepted no
A New Theory in Tropical Landscape Design for School Grounds: A Case of Outdoor Classrooms for Primary Schools in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Yaman, Dr. Maheran
L08P0020 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Promotion of Good Reading Habits in Higher Education: The Case of Kenyatta University Ndethiu, Dr Sophia Muthoni
L08P0021 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Effects of Value Beliefs, School Ability Self-Perception, and Overgeneralization of Failure Experience on the Generation of Emotions and Attributions for Academic Performance
  1. Stephanou, Dr. Georgia
  2. Tatsis, Dr. Konstantinos
L08P0022 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Kindergarten Students’ Feelings about their Teachers, Learning Motivation, Competence beliefs and Performance in Mathematics and Literacy
  1. Stephanou, Dr. Georgia
  2. Konstantinidou, Prof. Efthalia
L08P0023 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Building Your Trainer's Tool Kit: 12 Proven Tricks To Spice Up Your Training Ratcliffe, Marc
L08P0024 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Every Child Moving Forward: A Policy Analysis of California Teacher Quality in K12 Education Edwards, Brandon
L08P0027 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Distance Learning Education in Nigeria: Methods and Strategies
  1. Tawo, Dr. Roseline E.
  2. Arikpo, Prof. Arikpo B.
  3. Ojuah, Dr. Marcellinus U.
L08P0029 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Assessment of Literacy Programmes (LIPA) of Selected Nigerian Universities as Perceived by Students: Implications for Counselling
  1. Arikpo, Prof. Arikpo B.
  2. Tawo, Dr. Roseline E.
  3. Ojuah, Dr. Marcellinus U.
L08P0030 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Clinical Evaluation: An Essential Tool in Emotional Competency Development
  1. Smith, Dr. Kandy
  2. Farmer, Joseph
  3. Walls, Noretta
  4. Gilligan, Aaron
L08P0031 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Study Orientation Skills (SOS) Developing an Instrument to Measure and Provide Remedial Devices on Study Orientation Skills and its Relationship towards the Academic Performance of Undergraduates Awang, Mohd. Ghani
L08P0032 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Engaging Men: Learning Centres in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland Morrison, Dr. Iain
L08P0033 Paper Presentation Accepted no
“Learning English, Imagining Global”: The Narratives of Early English Learning Experiences in South Korea Paik, Dr. Jisook
L08P0034 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
An Examination of Educators’ Perceptions of Professional Liability Cox, Dr. Betty
L08P0035 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
The Impact of Alternative Teacher Certification Programs on Teacher Shortages in Florida, Idaho, New Hampshire Pennsylvania, and Utah Shaw, Dr. Melanie
L08P0036 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Relevance of an Ethnographic Approach to the Study of Issues Regarding Women and Literacy and How this Approach Relates to Research on Girl-Child Education in Northern Nigeria Jatau, Phebe
L08P0038 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Learning About the School Budget: A Constructivist Model Waggoner, Dr. Charles
L08P0040 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Videography for Social Workers: An Innovative Learning Approach Lim, Eva S
L08P0041 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Effect of Teaching Program for Adjusting Epistemological Beliefs upon Students' Epistemological Beliefs and Learning Process
  1. Chen, Dr. Chiu-Ching
  2. Chang, Ching-Yuan
L08P0042 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Foreign Language Writing in Technologically-enhanced Educational Settings: Towards a Socio-cognitive Approach Mizza, Dr. Daria
L08P0043 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Relation Between Latina Girls' Motivation and Their Engineering Learning Approaches: A Research Case Study Martinez Ortiz, Araceli
L08P0044 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Enhancing Accounting Learning of the International Students: Strategies and their Effectiveness Bhattacharyya, Dr Asit
L08P0045 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Teacher as Researcher: Lessons Learnt from Three Pakistani Case-studies Halai, Dr Nelofer
L08P0046 Paper Presentation Accepted no
New Frontiers of Literacies: Comprehension at the Juncture of the Verbal and the Visual
  1. C. Daniel, Dr. Mayra
  2. Parada, Karen
L08P0047 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Visual Literacy Across Disciplines: Visualization Tools for Generating and Communicating Information in Multidisciplinary Teams
  1. Mercè Graell-Colas
  2. Carolina Gill
L08P0049 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Assessing the Effects of a Looping Program in a Middle School Setting. Baran, Dr. Mette
L08P0050 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Academic Plagiarism and Other Forms of Academic Dishonesty in the Spanish Universities: A Quantitative Analysis
  1. Comas Forgas, Ruben
  2. Sureda Negre, Jaume
L08P0052 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Blended Learning in Languages Education: The Case of Hispanic Studies at Nottingham Trent University Hughes, Dr. Neil Charles
L08P0053 Paper Presentation Accepted no
International Perspectives to the Value of Educational Technologies In Schools: Findings from the ‘Measuring the Value of Educational Technologies in Schools’ Project Moyle, Prof Kathryn
L08P0055 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Online Learning of Visual Design Courses: The Learning Framework Park, Dr. Ji Yong
L08P0056 Paper Presentation Accepted no
It’s More than Just Identifying, it’s Comprehending! Developing Visual Literacy Skills within a Design History Curriculum in Higher Education Rourke, Dr. Arianne
L08P0058 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
A Faculty Workshop on Student Assessment Totten, Dr. Iris
L08P0060 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
EFL Learners’ Responses to Extensive Reading: A Case Study a Case Study Shen, Dr. Ming-yueh
L08P0061 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Enforcing ‘Teaching Thinking Skills' as an Important Requirement for the Developing of Educational Programs in Developing Countries
  1. Rosemary, Rizanna
  2. Awaina, Rosalina
L08P0063 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Developing Soft Skills in Students
  1. Wats, Dr. Meenu
  2. Wats, Dr. Rakesh Kumar
L08P0064 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Enrolment Situation in Nigerian Universities: Implications for Quality Education
  1. Ilusanya, Gboyega
  2. Oyebade, Dr. Stephen
L08P0065 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
The Changing Trends in Higher Education in India
  1. Wats, Dr. Rakesh Kumar
  2. Wats, Dr. Meenu
L08P0066 Paper Presentation Accepted no
ALT.A. Initiative: Exploring Role Inversion in a Evaluative Environment
  1. Ciancimino, Elena
  2. Cannella, Salvatore
L08P0067 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Does Pre-k Attendance Have a Positive Effect on Academic Success in Kindergarten? Willingham, Becky
L08P0068 Paper Presentation Accepted no
A Baker's Dozen of Best Practices in Teaching Mathematics
  1. Holdan, Dr. Gregory
  2. Lias, Dr. Allen
L08P0069 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Building Our Own Learning Community: Using Morning Meeting in the College Classroom Bornstein, Dr. Jodi
L08P0070 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
GeoWorlds: The Integration of Collaborative Virtual Learning Environments, Problem-Based Education in the Geosciences and Facilitator Development
  1. Davies, Caroline
  2. Totten, Dr. Iris
  3. Russell, Donna
L08P0071 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Using Web 2.0 Applications to Handle the Growing Pains of a Large-Enrollment Course. Mahan, Dr. Wendy
L08P0072 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Children’s Implicit Theories of Intelligence: Its Relationships with Self-Efficacy, Goal Orientations, and Self-Regulated Learning Ng Lee Yen Abdullah, Dr. Melissa
L08P0073 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Changing Views About Learning Science: Creating a Learning Space in Pre-Service Teacher Education Program Azam, Saiqa
L08P0074 Paper Presentation Accepted no
An Investigation of Intercultural Effectiveness for Foreign-Born Faculty in Taiwan Han, Dr. Pi-Chi
L08P0075 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Adult Vocational Training: Mobiles and Reasons of an Involvment Crochard, Magali
L08P0077 Paper Presentation Accepted no
A New Public at Portuguese Higher Education Institutions: The Case of Non-Traditional Adult Students in the University of Aveiro, during the Academic Year 2006-2007
  1. Baptista, Dr Ana Vitória
  2. José Tavares, José
  3. Bessa, José
L08P0078 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Strategies to Promote Effective Learning in Higher Education: A European Perspective
  1. Huet, Dr. Isabel
  2. Lucas, Dr Lisa
  3. Jenkins, Prof. Alan
  4. Tavares, Prof. José
  5. Costa, Prof. Nilza
  6. Ribeiro, Claudia
L08P0079 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Learning and Poverty in Rural Areas: Teachers Approach to Learners of Poverty Malebo, Motloi Andrew
L08P0080 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Street Children: Listen to their Voices Julien, Dr. Gabriel
L08P0081 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Contextual and Emotional Influences: Special Education Children and their Family Hadjas, Dr. Laurence E
L08P0083 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Implanting Moral Values in Buddhist Wisdom School Students in Thailand Narkwong, Assoc. Prof. Pawilai
L08P0084 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Building Schools of Character: A Case Study Investigation of a Character Education Programme's Impact on School Climate and Pupil Behaviour White, Robert
L08P0087 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Is Christian Schooling really at Loggerheads with the Ideas of Diversity and Tolerance? A Rejoinder Etherington, Dr Matthew Bruce
L08P0089 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Effects of Tobephobia on Learning Outcomes in the Educational Milieu Singh, Prof. Prakash
L08P0092 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Community as Classroom: Service Learning in the Foreign Language Classroom Krogstad, Dr. Allison
L08P0093 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
The Role of Handwriting in Composing Medwell, Dr. Jane
L08P0095 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Writing Attributions of Beginning Teachers: An Exploratory Study Wray, Prof. David
L08P0096 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Creating and Sustaining Communities of Learning within Distance Learning Environments Crawford, Dr. Caroline M.
L08P0097 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
An Investigation of the Use of English Complementation by Taiwanese University Students Hsu, Hsiao-hui
L08P0098 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Student Made Videos as a Teaching and Learning Tool in Secondary Education Smith, Bruce W.
L08P0100 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Multiculture and Equality: What Happens When Teachers Interact with Students in the Multiracial Classroom
  1. Chen, Wei-Ju
  2. Lee, Ming-Ching
  3. Chen, Yi Ling
L08P0101 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Future of Education: Preparing Students for the Unknown Lamb, Simon
L08P0102 Virtual Presentation Accepted yes
Using Evidence-based Resarch to Enhance Authentic Learning in Singaporean Pre-service Teachers Khong, Dr. Lana Yiu-Lan
L08P0103 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Learning through Video Games: The Malaysian Experence
  1. Baki, Dr. Roselan
  2. Eow, Yee Leng
L08P0104 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Engaging First Year Learners: Creating Learning Pathways via Relevance in an Accounting Decision-Making Course
  1. McGuigan, Nicholas
  2. MacDonald, Kirsten
L08P0105 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Acquisition of Environmental Knowledge Through The Development of Games in a Higher Degree Course in Nigeria Aremu, Dr. Ayotola
L08P0107 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Preparing International Educators for Inclusive Teaching: E-learning for Teachers of Children with Disabilities
  1. Silla, Dr. Vanessa
  2. Hobbs, Dr. Tim
L08P0110 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Learning Skills Acquired in the 'Access Program': An Exploratory Study Hlalele, Dr. Dipane
L08P0112 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
The Impact of Cultural Beliefs on the Education of Persons with Special Needs in Oyo State, Nigeria Eni-olorunda, Dr Julia Tolulope
L08P0115 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Integration of Academics and Character Development: Lessons from the Woodrose School Curriculum
  1. Udani, Delia Siloran
  2. Udani, Dr. Zenon Arthur Siloran
L08P0116 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Active Learning Leads to Literacy: Strategies for Success
  1. Gross, Ila Lane
  2. Clarke, Dr. Vivian
L08P0117 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Assessing Institutional Outcomes: Mapping Results from Four Pragmatic Assessment Instruments
  1. Corso, Dr. Gail Shanley
  2. Weiss, Dr. Sandra M.
L08P0118 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Synchronising Formal and Informal Learning in the Workplace to Enhance Professional Development Bolt, Dr. Susan
L08P0119 Paper Presentation Accepted no
How Relevant is Relevance? Questioning the Relative Value of Relevance and Situatedness versus Disciplinary Integrity in the Teaching of French in Australian Universities
  1. Rolls, Dr. Alistair
  2. Vuaille-Barcan, Dr. Marie-Laure
L08P0120 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Learning Pathophysiology by Journal Writing: The Synergy of Art and Science Ghaffari, Dr. Masoud
L08P0121 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Concerns in Evaluating Students' Performance Hussain, Dr. Habiba
L08P0122 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Engaging with the Real World: Mobile Spatial Technologies for Addressing Childhood Obesity and Supporting Students with Learning Difficulties
  1. Maguire, Meegan
  2. Nicholas, Rebecca
L08P0123 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Teacher Candidate Performance: Coursework and Student Teaching
  1. Sloan, Dr. Mindy
  2. Larson, Dr. Meredith
  3. Thompson, Dr. Anita
L08P0124 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Assessment for Reflective Learning in the Creative Arts Hay, Marie
L08P0125 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Emotional Intelligence Begets Collegial Leadership in Education Singh, Prof. Prakash
L08P0126 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Skills Based Approach to Organization of Collaborative Learning Tilchin, Oleg
L08P0127 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Defining “At Risk”: Perceptions from the Field
  1. Parr, Prof. Michael
  2. Richardson, Dr. Warnie James
  3. Scott, Dr. Jeff
L08P0128 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Teaching with Analogies: The Meeting Point Between Science and Language
  1. Okebukola, Dr. Foluso
  2. Owolabi, Dr. Tunde
  3. Otakoya, Seun
L08P0129 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Problem-Based Learning for Two-Year College Learners: An Examination of a Marketing Course Designed for Second-Year Students
  1. Major, Dr. Claire
  2. Major, Dr. Charles
L08P0131 Paper Presentation Accepted no
English Language Policy Changes in Malaysia: Challenges and Practices in Content-based Classrooms Othman, Dr. Juliana
L08P0132 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Power of New Media in Teacher Education 2.0: Applying Web 2.0 into the Curriculum
  1. Yildiz, Dr. Melda N.
  2. Palak, Deniz
L08P0133 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Beyond Taxi Drivers and Housekeepers: How an Albertan Non-Profit Group Gives Immigrant Professionals an Employment Chance Lewis, Helen
L08P0140 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Understanding the Craft of Teaching: A Pre-requisite for Effective Professional Development in a Changing World Ajibade, Dr Yetunde Adedoyin
L08P0141 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Learning Experiential Job Skills without the Experience: The Curious Case of the Remotely Located Consulting Team Rao, Avinash
L08P0142 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Program Building to Blur the Differences between Homeless Youth and University Students
  1. Munro, Dr. Brenda Elizabeth
  2. LaBoucane-Benson, Patti
  3. Ruttan, Dr. Lia
  4. Munro, Prof. Gordon Bruce
L08P0143 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Customized English Language Teaching for Business Students: The Pakistani Perspective Zafar, Ameena
L08P0145 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Theatre as a Powerful Medium in Sexuality Education
  1. Selman, Jan
  2. Munro, Dr. Brenda Elizabeth
  3. Esmail, Dr. Shaniff
  4. Ponzetti, Jr., Dr. James
L08P0146 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Toward a Transformative Teaching Practice: Criticity, Pedagogy and Praxis Rodriguez, Dr. Arturo
L08P0148 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
The Role of Mentoring in Supporting Teachers as Researchers: Case Studies of Change in Primary Schools Ashelman, Dr. Polly
L08P0149 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Preparing Cooperating Teachers to Work with Student Teachers: The P.A.C.T. Model Polachek, Dr. Diane
L08P0150 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Achievement Motivation Strategies: College Survival Quintanilla, Dr. Yvonne T.
L08P0151 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Education Under the Gats: At What Cost? Abbott, Anita
L08P0152 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Professional Learning in Challenging Work Environments: Developing Teachers Across Great Distances
  1. Sushames, Lorraine
  2. Wallace, Assoc. Prof. Ruth
L08P0153 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Exploration of the Learning Styles of Educational Executives: Implication for Management Education
  1. Fadokun, J.B.
  2. Ojedele, Dr. P.K
L08P0154 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Investigation of Students’ Epistemological Beliefs about Knowledge and Learning in Physics
  1. Yadav, Dr. Lakhan Lal
  2. Mukarabukumba, Françoise
  3. Nsanzineza, Ibrahim
L08P0155 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
A Guide to Empowering Special Education Students: Success is the only Option Johal, Karen
L08P0156 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Discrepancies between the Intended and In-use Physics Curriculum in Nigeria Owolabi, Dr. Tunde
L08P0157 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Any One, Any Time, Any Place: Access to Knowledge across Geographical Divides Fulbright, Niquenya D.
L08P0158 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
A University and School Collaboration in Learning: A Foster-school Program at University Pendidikan Sultan Idris
  1. Mohamed Nor, Dr Mariam
  2. Ibrahim, Abdul Halim
L08P0159 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Reading Skills of Malaysian ELS Malay Students: Focus on the Knowledge of Linguistic Cues
  1. Ibrahim, Abdul Halim
  2. Mohamed Nor, Dr Mariam
L08P0160 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Concept of the History of Greece: Investigation of Pupils’ Perceptions about the Content of History Textbooks in the Primary School
  1. Kassidou, Stella
  2. Golia, Dr. Paraskevi
L08P0161 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Appraisal of Developmental Inappropriate Practices in Lagos State Primary Schools: Implications for UBE Sulaiman, Dr. Afolasade Airat
L08P0164 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Closing the Loop: The Relationship between Instructor-reflective Practice and Students’ Satisfaction and Quality Outcomes
  1. Scott, Dr. Shelleyann
  2. Issa, Dr. Tomayess
  3. Issa, Dr. Theodora
L08P0165 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Effective VoIP Learning Experiences: The Relationship between Adult Learners’ Motivation, Multiple Intelligences, and Learning Styles Scott, Donald
L08P0166 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Creating a Conceptual Framework for Adjunct Faculty Practice in Higher Education Using Core Competencies Santopoalo, Dr. Rochelle
L08P0167 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Investigation into Teachers' Quality Indicators and Attitude to Work: Implications for Learning in the 21st Century Adegbesan, Sunday Oduyemi
L08P0168 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Teaching Thermal Phenomena by the Use of Educational Software of Constructivist Inspiration
  1. Solomonidou, Prof. Christina
  2. Kalantzi, Spyridoula
L08P0169 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Origins of Language: Blah, Blah, Yadda, Yadda Demyen, Michel
L08P0170 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Uncovering the Diversity of Teachers’ Understanding of their Role: The Importance of Individual Values Lygo-Baker, Simon
L08P0171 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Bridging Gap: Collaboration Regular and Special Educators Strigari, Dr. Donna
L08P0172 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Intelligence for the 21st Century: A Discussion of Intrapersonal and Emotional Intelligences Sellars, Dr. Maura
L08P0174 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Educational Values and the Society Olujuwon, Dr. Tola
L08P0175 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Staff Development as a Necessity for Multicultural Amalgamated Schools in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa
  1. Alexander, Dr. Gregory
  2. Hlalele, Dr Dipane
L08P0176 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Is there a Starbucks at the Virtual University? How Leading Colleges and Universities are Leveraging the Virtual World of Second Life as a New Venue for Learning and Collaboration Wyld, David C.
L08P0177 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
A Metacognitive Approach to Social Skills Training Holder, Dr. Cheryl
L08P0178 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
A Look at Personalising Learning: The New Zealand Context
  1. Harrop, Sandy
  2. Harrop, Brian
L08P0179 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
How to Learn How to Write: The Dialectics of Literary Creation through Re-creation Bayle, Dr. Elise
L08P0180 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Analyzing the Dynamics in a Local Self-help Group’s Initiative to Improve Rural Livelihoods in Mbale District, Uganda
  1. Ngaka, Dr. Willy
  2. Arik, Mr. Seyhan
  3. Sandvand, Ms Heidi Garcia de Presno
  4. Choi, Ms. Rainbow
L08P0182 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Primary Students Conceptions about Dissolution: Relating Empirical and Microscopic Representations
  1. Gkermpesioti, Grammatia
  2. Stavridou, Helen
L08P0183 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Shifting a Traditional Approach to Learning: Fostering Student-centered Learning in a Taiwanese University
  1. McFarlane, Richard
  2. Berg, Paul S.
L08P0184 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Religious Personality and Perceived Behavior Among Faith-Practicing Communities in Malaysia: Uniting or Dividing Factors?
  1. Idris, Dr. Fazilah
  2. Hamzah, Prof. Azimi
  3. Tamam, Dr. Ezhar
  4. Wong, Dr. Su Luan
  5. Mastor, Khairul Anwar
  6. Suradi, Nur Riza
L08P0185 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Learning Experiences in Social Work: Transition From Sympathy to Empathy Singh, Dr. Shweta
L08P0186 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Improving Primary School Students’ (11-12) Understanding of Water Pollution
  1. Marinopoulos, Dimitrios
  2. Stavridou, Helen
L08P0188 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
A Case Study of Primary School Students’ Ideas of Simple Circuit and Parallel Connection
  1. Pilatou, Vassiliki
  2. Stavridou, Helen
L08P0189 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
A Subversive Act: Becoming a Social Justice Educator Cherian, Dr. Finney
L08P0190 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
The Polish Students' Opinion of Globalisation
  1. Kulesza, Dr Wanda
  2. Klis, Teresa
L08P0191 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Teachers' Voices: Mentoring and Coaching Different Teaching Professionals in Schools
  1. Shelton Mayes, Prof. Ann
  2. Burgess, Dr. Hilary
L08P0192 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Learning the Language of Science
  1. Cassata-Widera, Amy
  2. Duckles, Joyce Mahler
  3. Kato-Jones, Yuko
  4. Conezio, Kathleen
  5. French, Lucia
L08P0193 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Primary Students' Understanding of the Concept of Evaporation
  1. Kazanidou, Meropi
  2. Stavridou, Helen
L08P0194 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Flattening Organizational Hierarchy to Improve Service Delivery: Implication for Nigerian Education Njoku, Anselm Chidi
L08P0196 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
A Pathway to Better Social and Individual Life Through Places of Learning: The Role of School Design in the Development of Students' Identities Abbasi, Ms. Neda
L08P0198 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Engaging Student Social Networks to Motivate Learning: Capturing, Analysing and Critiquing the Visual Image
  1. Zeeng, Lynette
  2. Robbie, Diane
L08P0199 Paper Presentation Accepted no
From Creativity to Social Change: The Power of the Arts and Curbing Apathy in Youth Hutchison, Amber Hutchison
L08P0200 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Trading Spaces: A Model of Children’s Transition Into a New Classroom Wilson, Dr. Jennifer C.
L08P0202 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Threatened Manhood and the Adolescent Homophobic Reflex: The Experience of Being Young, Male, and Queer in Australia’s Secondary Schools Mikulsky, Dr. Jacqueline
L08P0204 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Maintaining High Standards in a Pass/Fail Teaching Practicum
  1. Doerger, Dr. Dan
  2. Dallmer, Dr. Denise
L08P0205 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Educating Social Workers for Social Justice Practice: A Field Education Model Forster, Dr. Michael
L08P0208 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Evaluation of Medical Students' Technical Performance is Necessary to Evaluate Learning
  1. Carnahan, Dr. Heather
  2. Weber, Jessica
  3. Dubrowski, Dr. Adam
L08P0210 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Improving Knowledge Retention by Diversifying the Learning Experience Stanchev, Lubomir
L08P0211 Paper Presentation Accepted no
A Hard Knock’s Life: An Educational Program Model for Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Concussion Syndrome in Student-Athletes
  1. Richert II, Joseph james
  2. Bauer, Rachel
L08P0212 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Adult Learners and Foreign Language Acquisition: A Behaviorist Analysis Cox, Dr. Thomas D.
L08P0213 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
“What are Nice Guys like them doing in a Place like that?”- Education Journeys from Australian Indigenous Students in Custody
  1. Pascoe, Vicki Adele
  2. Radel, Kylie
L08P0214 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Instructional Leadership Practices of Rural School Principals Md Nor, Dr. Sharifah
L08P0216 Paper Presentation Accepted no
An Investigation of the Recruitment, Professional Training and Retention of Disabled Teachers
  1. Riddick, Dr. Barbara
  2. Beverton, Dr. Sue
L08P0219 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Integration of Real World Science in the Classroom: Medicine, Forensics, Hazardous Materials and Terrorism Carafano, Peter
L08P0220 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Why not me: A Self Help Guide Ferber, Dr. Fred
L08P0221 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Education as a Fundamental Right in a Diverse Society Benson, Prof. Jocelyn Friedrichs
L08P0222 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Reading Connects: An Analysis of the Interrelationships Between School Libraries, ICT, Multimodality and Their Impacts on Reading Motivation and Multiliteracy Development Among Elementary School Students Lo, Dr. Patrick
L08P0223 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
The Confluence of Visual Arts and Literacy: K-8 Applications
  1. Trainin, Guy
  2. Andrzejczak, Nancy
  3. Poldberg, Monique
  4. Detlefsen, Jean
L08P0225 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Problem Based Learning and the Teaching of Introductory Statistics Pliego, German J
L08P0226 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Turning Research into Action: Proposal of a Working Model for the Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Nursing Education Dubrowski, Dr Adam
L08P0227 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Developing An Assessment System For Evaluating Students Mosca, Dr. Joseph
L08P0228 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Eap: English for any Purpose? Green, Dr. Jonathan H.
L08P0229 Paper Presentation Accepted no
"How Do I Know What I Think Until I Hear What I Say?": The Role of Talk in Critical Media Literacy Development Staples, Dr. Jeanine
L08P0230 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Diversity In the Classroom: A Malaysian Perspective Mohd Yusof, Dr. Najeemah
L08P0231 Paper Presentation Accepted no
SWEAT Analysis to Determine Organisational Effectiveness Singh, Prof. Prakash
L08P0232 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Preferred Learning Methods of the Millennial Generation Nicholas, Dr. Arlene J.
L08P0233 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Values and Education: Value-Added Programs in Graduate and Undergraduate Education Walker, Dr. Carol
L08P0234 Paper Presentation Accepted no
AIDS Art in the Classroom: Critical Cultural Pedagogy Grace, Daniel
L08P0236 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
An Investigation into the Learning Environments of Blended Delivery (e-Learning and Classroom) in a Tertiary Envionment Skelton, Dr. David
L08P0237 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Mathematics Anxiety, Socio-Economic Status, and Attribution: Are they Related?
  1. Schoenstedt, Dr. Linda
  2. Evers, Dr. Tsila
  3. Vanderpool, David
L08P0238 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Best Disability Employment Practices: Creating and Implementing Changes in Education and Business Barrett, Dr. Bob
L08P0240 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Connecting Children to Community Chen, Alex
L08P0241 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Discursive Construction of “Good Teaching”: A Crossdisciplinary Framework Kirshner, David
L08P0242 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Carnegie's Wisdom for Social Work Students Livingston, Larry
L08P0243 Paper Presentation Accepted no
GeometryEditor: A Web-based Interactive Geometry System for Mathematical Education
  1. Lai, Xun
  2. Wang, Prof. Paul S
L08P0246 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Education of Engineering Students in Wind Energy: A Background of Environmental Crisis Ghosh, Prof. Kunal
L08P0247 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Learning through Mentoring Nowak-Fabrykowski, Dr. Krystyna Teresa
L08P0248 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Factors Contributing to Reading Literacy Differences Between Male and Females Singh, Dr. Mina
L08P0249 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Department Responsibilities on Supervision: Postgraduate Students' Perception at One Public University in Malaysia Zainal Abiddin, Dr. Norhasni
L08P0250 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Student Perceptions of an Effective Professor: A Comparison of American and Chinese Students
  1. Li, Dr. Suhong
  2. Prichard, Dr. Janet
  3. MacDonald, Dr. Laurie
L08P0251 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Spiraling Effect of Prior Knowledge in Accounting Studies Ho, Dr Horace
L08P0252 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Cultural Inclusive Curriculum and Indigenous Australian Learning Spaces: Theory versus Practice
  1. Gollan, Sharon
  2. Steen, Dr. Tangi
  3. Gollan, Malcolm
L08P0253 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Creativity in a Cold Climate: Teaching and Learning in the English Further Education Sector
  1. Thompson, Ron
  2. Simmons, Robin
L08P0254 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
School Culture and the Hidden Aggressive Curriculum Daves, Dr. David
L08P0255 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Wholism as a Companion to Pedagogies of Distinction: Exit Strategy for the Race Paradigm Cunningham, Prof. E. Christi
L08P0256 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
The Realization of Entrepreneurial Skills through Marketing Plan Completion: Upper-Level Marketing Students’ Enhanced Learning Giunta, Dr. Catherine
L08P0257 Paper Presentation Accepted no
A Penny for Your Thoughts: Can Participation in a Student-Industry Conference Improve Students’ Presentation Self-Efficacy and More?
  1. Freudenberg, Dr. Brett
  2. Brimble, Assoc. Prof. Mark
  3. Vyvyan, Victoria
  4. Corby, David
L08P0258 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Taking Care of Business: A Constructivist Framework for Managing Change in an Undergraduate Business Degree
  1. Mitchell, Dr. Jim
  2. Cornish, Marion
L08P0260 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Interpretation of Curriculum Policy by a South African Teacher: A Case Study Blignaut, Dr. Sylvan Everton
L08P0261 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Higher Education Facing Sustainability: The Case of Agronomy Koutsouris, Dr. Alex
L08P0262 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Preschoolers Learning Physics: Importance of Congruence Kloos, Dr Heidi
L08P0264 Paper Presentation Accepted no
A Framework of Personal and Environmental Learning-based Strategies to Foster Therapist Expertise King, Dr. Gillian
L08P0265 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Using Research and Applied Projects to Enhance Learning in Mechanical Engineering Design Courses
  1. Mokhtar, Dr. Wael
  2. Duesing, Paul
L08P0266 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Integrating the Art of Science and the Science of Art through Multi-Disciplinary Education Caswell, Dr. Daryl
L08P0267 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Strategies to Improve Literacy Standards Using Creative Arts Ljungdahl, Dr. Lesley
L08P0268 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Performamatics: Experiences With Connecting a Computer Science Course to a Design Arts Course
  1. Heines, Dr. Jesse M.
  2. Jeffers, Prof. Jim
L08P0269 Paper Presentation Accepted yes
Lev Goes to College: Reflections on Implementing Vygotsky's Ideas in Higher Education Horton, Dr. Scott L.
L08P0270 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Intelligence in a New Key: A Study in Relatedness and Connectivity Ruocco, Dr. Phyllis
L08P0271 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Hearing [our] Voices: A Participatory Study on Schizophrenia and Homelessness Schneider, Dr. Barbara
L08P0272 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Teachers’ Indications in Classroom and Pupils’ Construal and Knowledge Md-Ali, Dr. Ruzlan
L08P0273 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
DMAS: A Web-based Distributed Mathematics Assessment System
  1. Al-shomrani, Saleh
  2. Wang, Prof. Paul S
L08P0274 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Embedding e-Resources in Distance Learning: A New Way of Working but is Learning Enhanced? Shiel, Assoc. Prof. Chris
L08P0276 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Dyslexia Cross-Linguistics: The Context of the Arabic Language Amr, Muna
L08P0277 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Citizens Gone Wild: A Practical Guide to Teaching Students and Citizens to Think for Themselves Zilbergeld, Dr. George
L08P0278 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Working with Gender in the Learning and Teaching Dynamic: Three Case Studies
  1. Maile, Dr. Stella
  2. Hanley, Natalia
  3. Nahman, Dr. Michal
L08P0279 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Hardiness and Involvement in First Year College Students: A Study of the Factors Related to Adjustment
  1. Alexander, Lauren
  2. Kolanz, Amanda
  3. Mendez, Jennifer
L08P0280 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
The Effect of Higher Education on Human Capital Formation: A Multi-National Study
  1. Mudge, Dr. Suzanne
  2. Swiger, Dr. John
L08P0281 Virtual Presentation Accepted yes
The SPARK Early Literacy Initiative
  1. Whalen, Bea
  2. Schoenecker, Amy
L08P0282 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Enquiry-Based Learning in the Humanities Kibby, Dr. Marjorie
L08P0283 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Relationship among Student Evaluations of Academic Integrity and Business Behaviors: A Cross-Cultural Examination
  1. Batory, Dr. Stephen
  2. Heineman Batory, Dr. Anne
L08P0284 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Cross Cultural Differences between Eastern Europe and Canada Ramsoomair, Franklin
L08P0285 Paper Presentation Accepted no
A Cost-Benefit Analysis of a Portfolio Process in Teacher Education Skawinski, Dr. Susan
L08P0286 Paper Presentation Accepted no
From “Abjectivity” to Subjectivity: Education Research and Social Justice in South Africa Vally, Salim
L08P0287 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Project-based Learning Model for the Study of Blood Flow in the Human Circulatory System
  1. Hadkaew, Dr. Phattharawadee
  2. Wiwatanapataphee, Benchawan
  3. Wu, Yong Hong
L08P0288 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Human Capital Development From the Perspective Of Quran and Prophetic Traditions (Hadith) Hassan, Shaik Abdullah
L08P0289 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Learning and Development Initiatives in Growing Small Firms: A Comparison of Family and Non-Family Firms Jones, Dr. Janice T.
L08P0291 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
A Prophylactic Approach to Teaching UML in Undergraduate Computer Science Courses
  1. Elva, Rochelle
  2. Workman, Dr. David
L08P0292 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Missing Lectures: A Psychoanalytical Perspective Keane, Dr. Jim Martin
L08P0293 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Order from Chaos: Assessment and Evaluation of Design in a Team Environment Geske, Dr. John
L08P0294 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Ethics Education Framed in a Values Perspective: The Hidden Curriculum
  1. Peer, Dr. Kimberly
  2. Schlabach, Dr. Gretchen
L08P0295 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Increasing Retention: Suggested Administrative Intervention Strategies for Special Educators Bozonelos, Jason
L08P0296 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Critical Thinking and the Duties of Philosophers as Ethics Teachers Daley, Sarah Lublink
L08P0297 Paper Presentation Accepted no
A Study of Transparency of K-12 Teacher Tenure: What the Evaluation Policy Documents Reveal Hazareesingh, Dr. Nedra
L08P0298 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Learning to Grapple with Difficult Problems: Activation Matrix - An Instructional Approach Steed, Marlo
L08P0299 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Inquiry-based, Interactive Curriculum and Pedagogy Based on Models of Mind and Brain Franklin, Daniel J.
L08P0300 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Predicting Retention: Certification, Teaching Practices, and Career Perceptions
  1. Bozack, Amanda Rabidue
  2. Dolan, Alyson Lavigne
  3. Vega, Ruby
L08P0304 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Constructing Community Educational Psychology in Higher Education Institutions Pillay, Prof. Jace
L08P0305 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Educational and Psychological Support of Educators to Include Learners from Child-Headed Homes in Urban Classrooms
  1. Pillay, Prof. Jace
  2. Taggart, Nadia
L08P0306 Paper Presentation Accepted no
A Study on Visual Perception of 3D Texture
  1. Shiratuddin, Dr. Mohd Fairuz
  2. Breland, Jason S.
L08P0307 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Impact of Cooperative Learning and Structure Educational Processes in Web Based and Web Supported Course Hatcher, Dr. Myron
L08P0308 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Learning By Project: Developing Essential 21st Century Skills Using Student Team Projects Moylan, Prof. William A.
L08P0310 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Analysis of Professional Profiles of E-learning Tutors: Which Are the Requirements of a Successful Master Study for E-learning Course Developers and Trainers? Kopeczi-Bocz, Dr. Tamas
L08P0312 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Relevance in Teacher Education and the Learning Imperatives in the South African Higher Education Milondzo, Dr. Khazamula Samson
L08P0313 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Literacy Strategies in the Mathematics Classroom: Adapting Reading/Language Arts Strategies to Teach K-12 Mathematics
  1. Peterson, Dr. Winnie J.
  2. Columba, Dr. Lynn
L08P0314 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Use of Wikis and Blogs to Promote Student Learning Pang, Dr. Les
L08P0315 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Queer Reading for the Classroom: The Portrayal of Gay Male Characters in Young Adult Fiction Rhodes, David
L08P0317 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Preschoolers Using Maps: An Educational Approach
  1. Goria, Sofia
  2. Papadopoulou, Dr. Maria
L08P0318 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Understanding Repetitive Behaviors in Children With Autism: Are they Communicating?
  1. Cahill, Susan
  2. Lopez-Reyna, Dr. Norma
L08P0319 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Initial Inquiry Science Learning and Urban Hispanic Students: Professional Development of Middle School Teachers
  1. Biller, Miria
  2. Harris, Dr. Christopher
  3. Marx, Dr. Ronald
L08P0320 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Identity Issues in a Pluralistic Society: The Indian American Perspective Bhattacharyya, Dr. Srilata
L08P0321 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Distance Learning Techniques to Teach IT Courses Akhtar, Shakil
L08P0322 Paper Presentation Accepted no
(Forth)with, Which I Write/Teach and (Forth)which I Teach/Write With Portentius, Ms. Marni
L08P0323 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Bridging the Learning Curve: An Experiential Learning Activity to Teach Project Management Concepts Vendituoli, Peter
L08P0324 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
A Study on Students' Perceptions on the Teaching of Akhlaq Tamuri, Dr. Ab. Halim
L08P0325 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Full of Value: Improving School Learning through the Development of an Ethical Community
  1. Bergmark, Ulrika
  2. Dahlen, Goran
  3. Rosengren Larsson, Iris
  4. Alerby, Prof. Eva
L08P0326 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Teaching the Whole Child: Integrating Efforts to Address Children’s Social and Emotional Development
  1. Axelrod, Dr. Jennifer
  2. Moroney, Deborah
  3. Weissberg, Dr. Roger
L08P0327 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Intercultural Educational Languages: Passing Stereotypes Szekely, Dr. Eva Monica
L08P0329 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
A Case for Contrast as a Catalyst for Change
  1. Young, Dr. Louise
  2. Freeman, Lynne
L08P0330 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Creative Transformation of Learning Cultures: The Teacher as Change Agent
  1. El-Sawad, Dr Amal
  2. Dawson, Linda
L08P0331 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Street Culture: How Peace could be Established using Positive Peer Reinforcement Julien, Dr. Gabriel
L08P0332 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Create a Digital World: Five Steps to Engage Students in Multicultural Learning
  1. Fridell, Dr. Max
  2. Lovelace, Dr. Terry
L08P0333 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Teaching of Writing in a Rural Secondary School in Malaysia
  1. Che Lah, Assoc. Prof. Yahya
  2. Hashim, Prof. Dr. Nor Hashimah
  3. Shaharan, Suzihana
  4. Abbas, Mohd. Saat
L08P0334 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Experiential Learning Applied to Architectural Studio Teaching: The Influence of Design Styles on the Design Process Smit, Assoc. Prof. Jan
L08P0335 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Whose Voice Dominates? Teacher Education Curricula in a Changing a Environment
  1. Toni, Noluthando
  2. Meiring, Leslie Frank
L08P0336 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Education Beyond Institutionalization: Learning Outside of the Formal Curriculum Harper, Dr Nicole
L08P0337 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Access to Water as a Constraint to Educational Gender Equality in Rural Uganda
  1. Kakuru, Dr. Doris M.
  2. Suzan, Mbatudde
L08P0338 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Peace Education through Discourse Literacy: A Literacy Approach to Palestinian-Israeli Peace Making Steiner, David
L08P0339 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Measurement of Perceptions of School Climate in the Midwestern United States
  1. Levitch, Alison
  2. Lambert, Michael
  3. Zhang, Chenyi
  4. Brown, Brittani
  5. Morrison, Johnetta
  6. Pearce, Tola
  7. Placier, Peggy
L08P0340 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
The Motivation and Assessment in Teaching and Learning Management
  1. Ebrahimi, Dr. Alireza
  2. Walsh, Dr. Lynn
L08P0342 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Motivation and Assessment in Teaching and Learning Management Information Systems Ebrahimi, Dr. Alireza
L08P0343 Paper Presentation Accepted no
If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em: Using Message Boards in the French Foreign Language Classroom Guzman, Vanessa
L08P0344 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
International Virtual Communities Nurture Global Learning in Higher Education: Using Virtual Student Exchanges
  1. Poindexter, Prof. Sandra
  2. Amtmann, Ray
L08P0345 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Evaluating Educational Reform Projects in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Teacher Education Reform in Egypt
  1. Hashimoto, Kazuaki
  2. Pillay, Prof. Hitendra
  3. Hudson, Prof. Peter
L08P0348 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Literacy in Information and Communication Technology
  1. Amtmann, Ray
  2. Poindexter, Prof. Sandra
L08P0349 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Christian Education: For Polemics and Indoctrination?
  1. Abbott, Maxwell
  2. Abbott, Anita
L08P0350 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Fostering Multiple Literacies in a Linguistically Diverse Aotearoa New Zealand: A Family Biliteracy Perspective
  1. Vaccarino, Dr. Franco
  2. Walker, Dr. Ute
L08P0351 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Developing a Leadership Competency Model Through the Distinguished Vocational School Principals by the Job Competence Assessment Method
  1. Hsiao, Prof. Hsi-Chi
  2. Wu, Chien-Feng
  3. Huang, Tien-Chu
L08P0352 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Professional Growth Strategies for Vocational High School Teachers in the Era of Knowledge-Based Economy
  1. Hsiao, Prof. Hsi-Chi
  2. Huang, Tien-Chu
  3. Wu, Chien-Feng
L08P0353 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Connecting Globally: An Educational Paradigm Shift Mays, Dr Laura
L08P0354 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Intersectionality of Race and Learning Disabilities in Education: A Struggle for Equal Educational Outcome Haynes, Dr. Janet M.
L08P0355 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Design Engaging Learning Content Turner, Margaret
L08P0356 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Measuring Students’ Beliefs about Self-assessment
  1. Lew, Duan Ning, Magdeleine
  2. Schmidt, Dr. Henk
L08P0357 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Examination of the Context-specific Nature of Self-regulated Learning
  1. Rotgans, Jerome
  2. Schmidt, Dr. Henk
L08P0358 Paper Presentation Accepted no
I Don't Wanna Grow Up: The 8 Challenges Facing the Next Generation in Family Business
  1. McCann, Dr. Greg
  2. Shipley, Jill
L08P0359 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Internationalising the Curriculum through Student Mobility: A Tale of Two Universities
  1. Martin, Dr. Jennifer
  2. How Kee, Dr. Ling
L08P0360 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Teaching AI to Enhance Students' Understanding of Organizational Behavior
  1. Benson, Dr. Joy
  2. Dresdow, Dr. Sally
L08P0361 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Learning Across Boundaries: CoP's in an MBA Program for Police and Air Force
  1. Watland, Dr. Kathleen H.
  2. Kresse, William
L08P0362 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Negative Consequences of Stereotyping Adult Learners Sayles, Feona
L08P0363 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Mothers’ and Grandmothers’ Early Literacy Socialization Strategies in Chinese Working-Class Families: Implication for Educators Wang, Dr. Xiao-lei
L08P0364 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Eliciting Personal Constructs to Distinguish Prevailing D/discourse in Police Training Ryan, Cheryl Maree
L08P0365 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Evaluation of Teachers’ Competence in the use of Computers and the Internet in Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria
  1. Awoleye, Michael
  2. Siyanbola, Dr. William
L08P0366 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Community Development: A Challenge and Responsibility of Higher Education Institutions in South Africa Coetzee, Prof. Isabella E.M.
L08P0368 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Using Unified Modeling Language (UML) for Teaching Analytical and Problem Solving Skills in K-12 Classrooms: Graphical Modeling of Information and Problem Solving Process Bergandy, Jan
L08P0369 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Impact of External Evaluation on School Improvement: Lessons from the Cayman Islands McVeigh, Helena
L08P0370 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Importance of Generic Skill Development Courses in Higher Education in India
  1. Patel, Mr. Anand Somabhai
  2. Patel, Prof Somabhai
L08P0371 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Planning for Instruction: Benefits and Obstacles of Collaboration Helterbran, Dr. Valeri
L08P0372 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Role of the Lecturer in the Learning Process: Towards a Learning-centred Approach McGhie, Dr. Venicia Flora
L08P0373 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Transformation of Learning and the Learner: Infusing Cross-cultural Content Across the Curriculum
  1. Singleton, Dr. Judy L.
  2. Fleming, Dr. Mary Kay Jordan
L08P0374 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Dreaded Compulsory Statistics Class: Surviving the Semester with the help of Professor Homer Simpson and YouTube
  1. Bandyopadhyay, Kanchan
  2. Walker, Lyndon
L08P0375 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Preparing Pre-service Teachers to Teach for Social Justice and Social Change Bartlett, Dr. Andrea
L08P0380 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Teaching Environmental Advocacy: Students as Environmental Advocates Nursey-Bray, Dr. Melissa
L08P0383 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Towards an Ecological Model of Diversity: A Sustainable Approach: Diversity Johnson-Leslie, Dr. Natalie A.
L08P0384 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Secondary Student Teachers' Perceptions of the Teacher Work Sample: A Survey Taylor, Dr. Marilyn Jean
L08P0385 Paper Presentation Accepted no
What’s in America’s Metaphorical Salad Bowl? Immigration Issues Johnson-Leslie, Dr. Natalie A.
L08P0386 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Assistive Technology for Children with Cerebral Palsy: Case of a Pre-service Teacher’s Exploration
  1. Johnson-Leslie, Dr. Natalie A.
  2. Gregory, Erica
L08P0387 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Q-Learning Fraction Sense: Applying Piaget's Operative Theory of Meaning in a Multi Agent System to overcome the Learning Paradox Rendell, Gerard
L08P0389 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Imagination Creation For Life: Passion and Fun For Life
  1. Daniel, Robert David
  2. McCleery, Dave
  3. Welsh, Alison
  4. Daniel, Paula
  5. Hamerslag, Steve
L08P0390 Colloquium Accepted no
Learning to be Parent Salleh M, Prof. Amla
L08P0391 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Restructuring Teacher Training through ‘Active TNA’: The City School Experience
  1. Chughtai, Amina A.
  2. Malik, Kashif Suhail
  3. Mathew, Primrose
L08P0393 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
A Study of Teacher Talk in Language Teaching from a Sociocultural Perspective
  1. Ko, Prof. Mei-yun
  2. Wang, Prof. Tzu-fu
L08P0395 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Mathematical Poems McDonald, Professor Professor Betty
L08P0397 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Teacher Leaders & Building Capacity in Schools: Teacher Leadership
  1. Morehead, Dr. Pamela
  2. Sledge, Dr. Jumanne
L08P0398 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Sustaining the Process of Writing Instruction: An Exploration of Pre-Service Teacher Mentoring
  1. Stutz, Cathleen
  2. Leschke, Lynn
  3. Rubenstein, Susanne
L08P0399 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Web 2.0 Impact on Human Learning and Education: Following the “Big Idea”
  1. Zhou, Dr. Li
  2. Zhang, Dr. Da
L08P0400 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Undergraduate Students’ Perceptions of Distance Education: Comparing Two Delivery Methods
  1. Thompson, Dr. Dale E.
  2. Thompson, Dr. Cecelia
L08P0402 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Blogging in Higher Education: Use Patterns, Pedagogy, and Best Practices for Instruction
  1. Brewer, Dr. Laura
  2. DiGangi, Dr. Samuel
  3. Jannasch-Pennell, Dr. Angel
L08P0403 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Data Mining and Academic Libraries: Will Data Mining and Bibliomining Alter the Shape of Academic Libraries? Gomez, Prof.
L08P0404 Paper Presentation Accepted no
"Never Doubt that a Small Group of Thoughtful, Committed Citizens can change the World": The Story of A College of Business and Management Reading Society Founded on Margaret Mead's Words Akbari, Dr. Hamid
L08P0406 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Running Head: Rite of Passage Programs as Strength-Based Interventions to Increase Mathematics and Science Achievement Among Low-Income, African American Youth
  1. West-Olatunji, Dr. Cirecie
  2. Shure, Lauren
  3. Pringle, Dr. Rose
  4. Adams, Dr. Thomasenia
  5. Baratelli, Adriana
L08P0409 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Use of Spanish-English Cognates in the Elementary and Middle School Classroom Montelongo, Dr. José
L08P0410 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
An Interactive and Information Rich Virtual Environment (I-IRVE) as a Historical Learning Tool
  1. Germany, Shane
  2. Shirratuddin, Mohd Fairuz
L08P0411 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Reflections on Team Teaching in the Graduate Level Educational Leadership Classroom
  1. Anders, Dr. Marion
  2. Dubyak, Dr. Jeannette M.
L08P0413 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Interacting with Science: Using Virtual Reality in the Science Classroom
  1. Oprean, Danielle
  2. Yoon, Dr. So-Yeon
L08P0414 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Web-Based Mathematics Education for Adults (WMEA): An Opportunity for Adult Learners
  1. Zeller, Dean
  2. Mikusa, Dr. Michael
  3. Wang, Prof. Paul S
L08P0415 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Creative Arts in Childrens Specialty Clinics Summer Programs: A Canadian Case Study
  1. Basso, Dr. Robert
  2. Pelech, Dr. William
L08P0416 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Teacher Assessment of Aggression by Children in Kindergarten
  1. Basso, Dr. Robert
  2. Pelech, Dr. William
L08P0417 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Effects of a Reading Comprehension Intervention on Student Performance in an Inquiry-Based Science Program
  1. Meador, Nicole
  2. Marx, Dr. Ronald
L08P0418 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Assessment of Service-Learning Outcomes: Examining the Effects of Class Size, Gender, Major, and Service-Learning Experience
  1. Pragman, Dr. Claudia
  2. Flannery, Dr. Brenda
L08P0421 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Signing the School in Neoliberal Times: The Public Pedagogy of being Pedagogically Public
  1. Austin, Jon
  2. Hickey, Dr. Andrew
L08P0422 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Utilizing Electronic Portfolios in a MSW Educational Program to Demonstrate Student Learning Garrison, Dr. Johanna
L08P0423 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Experiments versus Econometrics: Implications for Teaching Economics Hawtrey, Prof. Kim
L08P0425 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Learning Cultural Mutual Understanding: A Neccessity for Global Education
  1. Naderi Farsani, Siavosh
  2. Abolghasemi, Mohammad Javad
L08P0427 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Project-Based Physics – Physics Teacher Training Course: Physics Teacher for the 21st Century Holubova, Dr. Renata
L08P0428 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Adult Instruction & Online Leaning: Towards a Systematic Instruction Framework
  1. Guilbaud, Dr. Patrick
  2. Jerome- D’Emilia, Dr. Bonnie
L08P0429 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Teaching Competencies for Elementary School Teachers to Teach the Classrooms with Students Having Foreign Parent
  1. Hsiao, Yun-Ju
  2. Yang, Su-Ling
  3. Hsiao, Prof. Hsi-Chi
L08P0431 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Responding to Evolving Workplace Needs of Adult Students at Tertiary Level: The Singapore Experience Aggarwal, Dr. Neelam
L08P0432 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Top-level Structures and Early Childhood Teacher Education: Helping Student Teachers Succeed Academically Wegner, Dr. Ali
L08P0435 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Practitioner Reflexivity, Program Cohesion and Student Literacy Success McAnuff-Gumbs, Dr. Michelle
L08P0436 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Learning through Writing in a First Year Business Subject: Enhancing Student Learning Outcomes by Developing Teaching and Learning Interventions
  1. Sebastian, Dr Dipu
  2. Zimitat, Assoc. Prof. Craig
L08P0437 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Sophist or Socratic Teaching Methods in Fostering Learning in US Graduate Education Pang, Dr. Katherine
L08P0438 Paper Presentation Accepted no
A Study of Learner Diversity in Malaysia: Implications for Policies and Practices Affecting Learner Diversity Mohd. Majzub, Prof. Rohaty
L08P0440 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Investigating the Use of Situated Learning in the Control of Infection
  1. Nichols, Dr. Andrew
  2. Badger, Beryl
L08P0442 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Authentic Learning Using an Online Auction Site Young, Dr. Kirsty
L08P0444 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Towards a Re-think Paradigm for Teaching and Learning in Nigeria’s Universities: Policy Issues, Challenges and Implications
  1. Awoleye, Michael
  2. Siyanbola, Dr. William
L08P0445 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Teacher Candidate Disposition Development and the Concerns-Based Adoption Model Creasy, Dr. Kim
L08P0446 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Developing Critical Thinking Skills in First Year Australian University Students
  1. Berzins, Dr. Michelle
  2. Sofo, Prof. Francesco
L08P0449 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
The Development of an Academic Reading Strategies Pedagogical Model for ESL Adult Learners Abd. Majid, Assoc. Prof. Faizah
L08P0450 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
The Handing Down of Text... Reclaiming Reading Batycky, Jennifer
L08P0451 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
The Prospects of Fostering Entrepreneurial Customs in Historically-disadvantaged Schools in South Africa Lebusa, Dr. Malefane Johannes
L08P0453 Paper Presentation Accepted no
A Distributed Learning System for Solving the Educational Problems in the Nigeria Niger Delta Region
  1. Oladipo, Onaolapo Francisca
  2. Olorunfemi, Temitope
L08P0454 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Impact of Information Technology on Women Empowerment In Nigeria
  1. Olorunfemi, Temitope
  2. Oladipo, Onaolapo Francisca
L08P0456 Paper Presentation Accepted yes
Exploring Matriculation Students' Metacognitive Awareness and Achievement in a Mathematics Course
  1. Zakaria, Dr. Effandi
  2. Yazid, Zainah
L08P0457 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Utilizing the Kuder Career Planning System to Meet the Needs of Agricultural Students and Industry
  1. Agnew, Dr. David
  2. Davidson, John
  3. Duncan, Bridget
L08P0458 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Extracurricular Activities and their Impact on Standardized Test Scores: A Case Study
  1. Ruff, Morgan
  2. Agnew, Dr. David
L08P0459 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The State of School Gardening Programs in Sustainable Development in Nigeria: Obstacles and Opportunities
  1. Akinyemi, Prince Okoro Monday
  2. von Fragstein, Dr. Peter
  3. Agnew, Dr. David
L08P0460 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Collaborative Teaching: Creating a Partnership Between General and Special Education
  1. Colachico, Dr. David
  2. Mandala, James
  3. Michael, Craig
  4. Jones, Melanie
L08P0461 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Teaching Beyond Literacy: The Challenges Faced by Literacy Practitioners
  1. Murray, Niki
  2. Comrie, Margie
  3. Vaccarino, Dr. Franco
  4. Neilson, Deborah
  5. Watson, Dr. Bronwyn
  6. Sligo, Frank
L08P0462 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Higher Education Students' Perceptions of Effective Assessment
  1. Wren, Julia
  2. Sparrow, Heather
  3. Northcote, Maria
  4. Sharp, Sue
L08P0464 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Factors Affecting Clinical Skill Development of Dental Students in a Clinical Practice Setting, Faculty of Dentistry, Chiang Mai University
  1. Nirunsittirat, Areerat
  2. Wonkhaew, Intrawadee
  3. Mongkoltreerat, Sutheera
  4. Jira-apiwattana, Dauangporn
  5. Chaiwan, Nattida
L08P0465 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
International Internships as a Means to Stimulate Student Learning: A Korean Perspective Shipton, Dr. Nicole
L08P0466 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
The Learning Process of a Health Promoting Organization: A Case Study
  1. Chatiketu, Piyanart
  2. Burapharat, Dr. Chitrlada
  3. Chakpitak, Dr. Nopasit
  4. Siriphant, Dr. Piya
L08P0467 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Clinging to Discredited Theories: Understanding Obstacles to Learning Savion, Dr. Leah
L08P0469 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
How do you know they are Learning? Introducing the CES Classroom Learning Instrument Boyanton, Dr. Dengting
L08P0470 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Sustaining Relationships in Teacher Education Partnerships: The Possibilities, Practices and Challenges of a School-University Partnership, Preparing Teachers for the Future
  1. Sharp, Sue
  2. Turner, Will
L08P0473 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Learning to Teach in a New Culture: Mentoring Strategies for International Teaching Assistants Williams, Dr. Gwendolyn
L08P0474 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Alberta Education Technology Policy Analysis: Implications and Future Directions Brooks, Charmaine
L08P0475 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Establishement of Virtual School in Malaysia
  1. Siraj, Dr. Saedah
  2. Mohd. Yusuf, Nordiana
  3. Norman, Muhammad Helmi
L08P0476 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Productive Pedagogy as a Functional Framework in Implementing the New Teacher Education Curriculum of the Philippines: The Region III Pre-Service Teachers’ Experience Daenos, Dr. Richard
L08P0477 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Lecturers Tell Their Stories: Narratives of Professional Thinking Regarding the Teaching of Literature
  1. Pérez Valverde, Dr. Cristina
  2. Sánchez García, Dr. Dr. Remedios
L08P0478 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Space and Time Dimensions in Life Long Learning: The Approach of Learning in Cities Doukas, Dr. Christos
L08P0479 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
The 4-H Connection to Career Education: A Model for Collaboration
  1. DeRosseti, Debbie
  2. Brecheen, Earlene
  3. Agnew, Dr. David
L08P0480 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Development of a Financial Resource Management Model for A Doctorate Business Administration E-Learning Program: Case Study for Mahanakorn University of Technology Siritho, Siripak
L08P0481 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Digital Literacy in Science Education: Examining the Relationship between Literacy and Subject Knowledge
  1. Arnseth, Hans Christian
  2. Axelsen, Hanne Kristine
L08P0482 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Designing Learning Process in the Adoption of Andragogy: Gateway to Knowledge Management for the Bureaucratic System of the Rector’s Office, Chiang Mai University Burapharat, Dr. Chitrlada
L08P0483 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Influence of Intelligence on the Relationship between Creativity and Academic Achievement: A Comparative Study Palaniappan, Dr. Ananda Kumar
L08P0484 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Professional Training Planning in the Risk Management Field
  1. Ciocoiu, Nadia
  2. Berea, Gabriela
  3. Dobrea, Catalin Razvan
  4. Hincu, Daniela
L08P0485 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
No Western Agenda Left Behind: A Comparative Analysis of Higher Education Institutions in the Republic of the Marshall Islands Kupferman, David W.
L08P0486 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Cannons to Canons: Imperialist Policies for Modern Higher Education in British India Qadir, Ali
L08P0487 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Attitudes Toward Computer and Online Learning: Are They a Factor In Students’ Usage?
  1. Wan Ali, Wan Zah
  2. Mohd Ayub, Dr. Ahmad Fauzi
  3. Su Luan, Dr. Wong
  4. Tang, Hasnah King Yee
  5. Wan Jaafar, Dr. Wan Marzuki
  6. Abd Jalil, Dr. Habibah
L08P0488 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Creating Cross-Cultural Connections via Geographic Literacy and the Arts
  1. Chicola, Dr. Nancy A.
  2. English, Dr. Eleanor B.
L08P0491 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Science Instruction in Comprehensive School: Pre- and In-Service Teachers' Ideas
  1. Dumbrajs, Dr. Sivbritt
  2. Keinonen, Prof. Tuula
L08P0493 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Pedagogy and Hauora (Well-Being): Examining New Zealand's Beginning Teacher Induction through a Maori Lens Main, Squirrel
L08P0496 Paper Presentation Accepted yes
“… But Words Will Never Hurt Me?” The Problem of Young Children’s Bullying from a Social Justice Perspective: A Cross-National Phenomenon
  1. Freeman, Dr Ramona
  2. White, Barb
L08P0499 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Application Paper: Leading with Soul to Create a Learning Community with a Viable Institutional Curriculum Kullar, Pardeep
L08P0500 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Short Term Middle School Study Abroad: Cultural Exchange McKinney, Faith
L08P0503 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Leading Educational Redesign
  1. Peters, Dr. Judy
  2. Le Cornu, Dr. Rosie
L08P0504 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Productive Pedagogy as a Functional Framework in Implementing the New Teacher Education Curriculum of the Philippines: The Region III Pre-service Teachers’ Experience Daenos, Dr. Richard
L08P0505 Paper Presentation Accepted yes
Attention to Female Students’ ‘Lower’ Outcomes in Science as Social Construction of a Negative Perception of their Ability in School Science Oyoo, Prof. Samuel Ouma
L08P0506 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
University Education and Wage Employment as Predictors of Women Empowerment in Nigeria
  1. Ogunrin, Adeola B.
  2. Obilade, Dr. Oluyemisi O.
  3. Aderinto, Dr. John Adeboye
L08P0507 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Adoption of Technological Innovations in ESL Practices in Sarawak: A Matter of Concern Abd Aziz, Norazila
L08P0509 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Shifting Higher Education Management: Examining the Organisational Changes Among Varying UK University Types
  1. Kok, Dr. Seng Kiat
  2. Douglas, Dr. Alex
  3. McClelland, Dr. Bob
L08P0510 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
The Paperless Classroom: Teaching and Learning in Cyberspace Barnes, Mark
L08P0511 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
The Modeling as an Instructional Technique for High-Avoidance Sport Skills Subramaniam, Dr. Vijayaletchumy
L08P0512 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Gender Difference in Macroeconomics Performance at the Tertiary Level in Saigon: An International Perspective Sim, Simon
L08P0513 Paper Presentation Accepted yes
The Quantifying Analysis of Effectiveness of Music Learning Through Dalcroze Musical Method Wang, Dr. Dennis Ping-Cheng
L08P0514 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Art for All: Teaching Art to the Hearing Impaired Child Duku, Dr. Kwaku Frimpong
L08P0515 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Relationship Between School Physical Activity and Academic Performance of School Children
  1. Prosser, Dr. Laurie
  2. Jiang, Dr. Xiaoli
L08P0516 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Physical Education: An Effective Approach to Develop Positive Self-esteem in Children
  1. Jiang, Dr. Xiaoli
  2. Prosser, Dr. Laurie
L08P0517 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Student Wellbeing: A New Zealand Perspective Butler, Bernard
L08P0518 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Utilizing Visual Arts to Teach Cultural and Historical Perspectives of Early Childhood Education
  1. Clark-Murphy, Dr. Caroline
  2. Crossland, Dr. Barbara
  3. Martin, Dr. Barbara
L08P0520 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Role of Metacognition and Motivation in Mathematical Problem Solving
  1. Md.Yunus, Dr. Aida Suraya
  2. Wan Ali, Dr. Wan Zah
L08P0521 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Interpreting the Construction of Place and Subjectivity through the Performance of Urban Photography: A Visual Narrative Research on the Critical Understanding of Art and Childhood Trafí-Prats, Dr. Laura
L08P0522 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Contextualist Model and Organisational Change: A Case of the South African Higher Education Transformation Vinger, Dr. Gift
L08P0523 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Assessing the Employability Skills among Technical Training Students
  1. Bakar, Prof. Ab. Rahim
  2. Mohamed, Shamsiah
L08P0524 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Agricultural Jobs in the Eyes of College Students
  1. Bakar, Prof. Ab. Rahim
  2. Mohamed, Shamsiah
L08P0525 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Using a Constructivist Approach to Assess Trainee Teachers’ Understanding of Health-related Concepts Oogarah-Pratap, Dr Brinda
L08P0526 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Learning and Development Initiatives in SMEs: Evidence from Australia's BLS Jones, Dr. Janice T.
L08P0527 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Understanding the at Risk Student Willis, Dr. Mary
L08P0528 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Career Decision-making Self-efficacy among Students in Vocational Institutions
  1. Bakar, Prof. Ab. Rahim
  2. Mohamed, Shamsiah
  3. Kazilan, Fitri
L08P0529 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
There Is Never Any One Right Way to Teach! A Case of "Multiple Intelligences"
  1. Hassaskhah, Dr. Jaleh
  2. Azimi Rashti, Seyyed Ali
L08P0530 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Ethical Leadership: The Foundation of Learning for Excellence Ronald, Dr. Tang Wai-yan
L08P0531 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
The Developing Portfolio: Assisting College Students in Creating Quality Portfolios Bruneau, Dr. Odette
L08P0532 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Elements for the Emotional Learning in Adults
  1. Bernal Guerrero, Dr. Antonio
  2. Cárdenas Gutiérrez, Dr. Antonio Ramón
L08P0534 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
The Role of Enterprise Education in Regional Development: Small Medium Enterprises in Kenya Ombado, George Y.
L08P0535 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Gender and Educational Leadership: The Perception of Head Teachers Austin, Claudette Collette
L08P0536 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Inclusive Equity in Higher Education Claremont, Dr. Yasuko
L08P0537 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Planning for the Literacy Needs of Diverse Learners: A Preservice Approach
  1. Foley, Dr. Nancy
  2. Andrews, Dr.Jane Andrews Jane
L08P0538 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Water: Fourth and Fifth Graders Thoughts on It
  1. Keinonen, Prof. Tuula
  2. Ismail, Paula
  3. Havu-Nuutinen, Dr. Sari
L08P0539 Paper Presentation Accepted no
A Study on the Development of Internationalization and Localization of Tourism Education in Macau: Student's Perspectives
  1. Leong, Prof. Aliana Man Wai
  2. Ma, Yong
  3. Tu, Zhengchun
L08P0540 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Optimizing Adult and Community Education for Actualizing Millennium Development Goals: The Nigerian Case Akande, Dr. Joshua Olusola
L08P0542 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Using Flash ActionScript Technology to Create Educational Games
  1. Workman, Prof. Robert
  2. Gindi, Hilary
L08P0543 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Different Memory Techniques Different Memory Needs: A Case Study for Undergraduate Science Students Abd Ghani, Kartini
L08P0544 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
The Effect of CALTAL Approach on Jordanian University Students' Pronunciation of English Words with Silent Consonant Letters Mohammed, Dr. Azmi Adel
L08P0546 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
A Student Coaching Scheme for First Year University Students: Positive Learning Experiences and Individual Success in Biosciences
  1. Thalluri, Dr. Jyothi
  2. Kokkinn, Beverley
  3. O'Flaherty, Dr. Jackie
L08P0547 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Camping Promotes Teamwork and Better Understanding of Others Dorovolomo, Jeremy
L08P0548 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Gender Differences in Measures of Satisfaction with School and General and Academic Self-Concept Clay, Victoria
L08P0549 Paper Presentation Accepted no
“Abjectivity” to Subjectivity: Education Research and Social Justice in South Africa Vally, Salim
L08P0550 Paper Presentation Accepted no
A Model of Lifelong Learning Participation: Perspectives From Insiders Ng, Dr. Siew Kheng
L08P0551 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Understanding Latino Students’ Perceptions of Education Cellitti, Dr. Anarella
L08P0552 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Using Strengths-based Approaches with Students and Communities
  1. Clay, Victoria
  2. Hartman, Deborah
L08P0553 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Learning how to Teach: A Supported Literacy Coaching Program for Pre-service Teachers Smith, Prudence M.
L08P0554 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Introducing Small Group Teaching in Undergraduate Engineering Education Lam, Lai-ki Joy
L08P0555 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Helping Children Resolve Conflict in Communication
  1. Abd Rahim, Prof Dr. Normaliza
  2. Sujud, Dr. Arbaie
  3. Subramaniam, Dr. Vijayaletchumy
  4. Nik Affendi, Dr. Nik Rafidah
L08P0556 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Language Attitudes of Mexican University Students Towards English and French: The Case of Metropolitan Autonomous University-Xochimilco
  1. Sokolova Grinovievkaya, Prof. Anna Vitalievna
  2. Fournier García, Maria de Lourdes
  3. Ortiz Guerrero, Claudia
L08P0558 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Computer Use of Ethnic and Linguistic Minority Students and Academic Performance
  1. Chang, Dr. Mido
  2. Kim, Sunha
  3. Singh, Dr. Kusum
L08P0559 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Mathematics Achievement in 10th Grade: Do the Classroom Instructional Activities Matter?
  1. Singh, Dr. Kusum
  2. Chang, Dr. Mido
L08P0560 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
School Engagement and School Learning: Ethnicity, Self Concept, School Belonging
  1. Singh, Dr. Kusum
  2. Chang, Dr. Mido
  3. Dika, Dr. Sandra
L08P0561 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Crossing Borders: Academic Service Learning as a Pedagogy for Transnational Learning Naidoo, Dr. Loshini
L08P0562 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Unpacking the Reading and Writing Prescription: The Right Medicine to Save At-Risk Adolescents in an At-Risk World
  1. Hall, Dr. Maureen
  2. Waxler, Dr. Robert P.
L08P0563 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Towards New Approaches to Reviewing Literature in Gender Education Hartman, Deborah
L08P0564 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Building an Effective Teaching and Learning Environment through Information Literacy
  1. Barawi, Mohamad Hardyman
  2. Fauzan, Dr. Norsiah
L08P0565 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Historical Perspectives on Child Labour and Education in Kenya: The Role of Colonialism and Racialised Perceptions of Childhood Githitho-Muriithi, Angela
L08P0566 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Impact of Drama on the Practice of the Primary School Teachers: Drama in Training Teachers Al-Yamani, Dr. Hala
L08P0568 Virtual Presentation Accepted yes
Recentering the Teacher From Transmitter of Knowledge to Mediator of Learning
  1. Grosser, Prof. Mary
  2. de Waal, Dr Elda
L08P0569 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Constructing and Enhancing Social Communities within Online Learning Environments: Enhancing the Instructional Process Through Considerations Related to Identity, Belonging and Related Cultural Conditions of Learning
  1. Crawford, Dr. Caroline M.
  2. Gannon Cook, Ruth
L08P0571 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Pedagogical Content Knowledge: How do Pre-service Teachers Adapt and Employ It in Their Teaching?
  1. Abd Rahman, Dr. Fadzilah
  2. Scaife, Dr. Jon
L08P0572 Virtual Presentation Accepted yes
Decoding Strategies to Improve Literacy for Struggling Readers Hyte, Heidi
L08P0573 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Global Connections: Using Technology to Teach a Second Language Al-Bataineh, Dr. Adel
L08P0574 Paper Presentation Accepted yes
Recipes for Living: A Life Skills Curriculum Development Designed to Foster Independence for Learning Disabled Students Kossack, Dr. Sharon
L08P0575 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Of Class, Culture, and Accountability
  1. Ellis, Dr. Jason Brent
  2. Lamoureux, George
  3. Awender, Todd
  4. Wessel, Dwayne
  5. Donohoo, Jenni
L08P0577 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Perceptions of Teachers and Counselors Regarding the Needs of Multicultural Students: Strategies to Enhance and Expand Educational Experiences
  1. Hughey, Dr. Judy
  2. Hughey, Dr. Kenneth
L08P0578 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Academic Coaching as a Component of Comprehensive Education: What We Can Learn from the Successful Athletic Coach
  1. Bonilla Bowman, Dr. Carol
  2. Canty, Thomas
L08P0579 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Strategic Management in Schools: Implementation in Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia Alias, Noryati
L08P0580 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Teaching Experienced Writers to Write Anew Piccard, Prof. Ann
L08P0582 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Facilitating Interaction to Promote Learning Peters, Robert
L08P0583 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Teachers or Technicians? An Examination of One District’s Program-based Professional Development Dunkerly, Judith
L08P0584 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
The Role of Student Feedback in Evaluating and Revising a Blended Learning Course Brew, Prof. Linda
L08P0585 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Academic Libraries in Transformation to Learning Centers: Information Commons or Learning Commons? Beatty, Susan
L08P0587 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Small Schools: The Salvation of Higher Education Rama, Vincent
L08P0588 Paper Presentation Accepted no
How to Integrate MOODLE into the Brick and Mortar Classroom
  1. Sperl, Raymond J.
  2. Maltrud, Paul
L08P0589 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Authentic Assessment as a Threshold Concept in Teacher Education Satterthwait, Dr. Donna
L08P0590 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Relationship of Family Communication and Sense of Responsibility among Malaysian Secondary School Students
  1. Mahmud, Prof. Dr. Zuria
  2. Ibrahim, Hasimah
  3. Amat, Dr. Salleh
  4. Salleh M, Prof. Amla
L08P0591 Paper Presentation Accepted no
An Exploration on the Teaching of Chinese Relative Clause Construction Zhan, Fangqiong
L08P0594 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Teacher Leaders as Policy Brokers in the Implementation of a New Environmental Learning Policy in South Africa
  1. Jita, Prof. Loyiso C.
  2. Mokhele, Miss Matseliso L.
L08P0595 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Emotional Intelligence of the Principal Is Essential in the Leadership of a Functional School Bipath, Dr. Keshni
L08P0596 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Multicultural Education in Medical Schools: Is the Concept Important in Medical Training?
  1. Gates, Madison L.
  2. Brown, Dr. Elinor L.
L08P0597 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
An Academic Intervention Model for Underperforming Students
  1. Brown, Dr. Elinor L.
  2. Gates, Madison L.
L08P0598 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Students’ Views on How Physics Should Be Taught and Learned
  1. Mundalamo, Fhatuwani J.
  2. Grayson, Prof. Diane J.
L08P0599 Paper Presentation Accepted no
A Longitudinal Study of Teachers Using Flow in the Classroom
  1. Lee, Dr. David
  2. Parker, Dr. Gaylynn
L08P0600 Paper Presentation Accepted no
A Longitudinal Study of the Impact of Problem-Based Learning on Beginning Teachers' Performance De Simone, Dr. Christina
L08P0601 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Plato's Doctrine of Recollection: What Can We Learn About Learning From It? Sytsma, Dr. Sharon
L08P0602 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Sub-Dude: An Education Professor's Sabbatical as Substitute Teacher Cross, Dr. John
L08P0603 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Impact of Faculty Gender on Students' Ratings of Instruction Bullock, Dr. Cheryl
L08P0605 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Secondary v K-7: Pre-Service Teachers' Attitudes Towards Inclusion
  1. O’Rourke, Dr. John
  2. Main, Dr. Susan
  3. Cooper, Dr. Martin
L08P0606 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Engaging Students and Changing Academic Achievement with Technology: A Quasi-Experimental Preliminary Investigation
  1. Carle, Dr. Adam C.
  2. Jaffee, Dr. David
  3. Miller, Deborah
L08P0607 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Hong Kong Students' Approaches to Learning: Cross-Cultural Comparisons Dasari, Dr. Bhoomiah
L08P0608 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Teaching of Behavior Modification: In and Beyond the Classroom Margres, Prof. Matthew George-Luke
L08P0609 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Ability to Sense Objects in Space By Children Who Are Blind
  1. Andreou, Dr. Yiannoula
  2. McCall, Dr. Steve
L08P0610 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Integrating Web-Based Technology with Action Research During Student Teaching: An Instructional Model Lopez-Estrada, Dr. Veronica
L08P0611 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
South Texas Schools After NCLB: A Status Report Reyes, Dr. Maria Elena
L08P0612 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Legal Education and Moral Development: Inculcating a Concern for Legal Ideals through Teaching Legal Philosophy Tan, Dr. Seow Hon
L08P0613 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Teaching English to Cambodians: A Tool for Cambodians in the Hospitality Industry Pratt, Andrew
L08P0614 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Use of StudyTXT as a Form of Mobile Learning in an Accounting Decision-Making Course
  1. McGuigan, Nicholas
  2. Weil, Prof. Sidney
L08P0615 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Teaching as an Emergent Process in the Context of Learning and Development Bradbery, Dr. Patrick
L08P0616 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Learning Places, Exploring Sites of Association: Negotiating Learning, Relationships and Identities in a Higher Education Library Setting
  1. Allibone, Lorraine
  2. King, Dr. Andrew
  3. Seetzen, Dr. Heidi
L08P0617 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Assessing Learning in Creative New Media Programs
  1. Leong, Prof. Josephine
  2. Dirlam, Dr. David
L08P0618 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Using Integrated Assessment Theory to Improve Learning Dirlam, Dr. David
L08P0619 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Role of Instructional Support Materials in Higher Education Learning Assurance Programs
  1. Rosetti, Prof. Joseph L.
  2. Stokes, Dr. Leonard
  3. Gifford, Anna
L08P0621 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Improving Success of Undergraduate Accounting Students by Exploring New Methods Lay, G. Suzanne
L08P0624 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Teaching for Deep Understanding in an Ethnographic Theatre Course: Undergraduate Professional Education for a New Era Mello, Dr. Robin
L08P0625 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
What the Flippin' Heck Do We Do With These Mormons? Reaching and Teaching Evangelical Students Burnett, Sarah
L08P0626 Paper Presentation Accepted no
French in Louisiana: Opportunities and Challenges Egéa-Kuehne, Prof. Denise
L08P0627 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Problem Based Learning in Media Planning: The Process Sha’ari, Syireen Rose
L08P0628 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Preference for Learning Science Amongst Low Ability Students Abu Bakar, Dr. Kamariah
L08P0629 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
The Wider Social Context of Learning: Beyond the Classroom Door Jephcote, Dr. Martin
L08P0632 Paper Presentation Accepted no
A Longitudinal Design Study on Self-Efficacy, Attribution, Goal Setting, and Mechanics Achievement in Mechanical Engineering Students
  1. Jeng, Yoau-Chau
  2. Shih, Hsin-hua
L08P0634 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Enhancing the Efficacy of Public Participation in Policy-Making and Implementation through Civic Education: A South African Perspective Masango, Prof. Reuben Sebenzile
L08P0635 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Negotiating a Covenantal Community Space in the Higher Education System in an Economically Globalizing Asian Society: A Hong Kong Reflection Kwan, Prof. Simon S. M.
L08P0636 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Using Lesson Study to Find the Benefits of Technology in the Classroom Bogner, Dr. Len
L08P0637 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Discourse Communication in Japanese Language among Malaysian Tourist Guides
  1. Mamat, Dr. Roslina
  2. Abd Rahim, Prof Dr. Normaliza
  3. Yamato, Eriko
L08P0638 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Dyslexia and Reading in the Malay Language
  1. Subramaniam, Dr. Vijayaletchumy
  2. Abd Rahim, Prof Dr. Normaliza
L08P0639 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Linking Physical Education and Technology to Engage Primary Students in Meaningful Literacy Experiences
  1. Gatzke, Laurie
  2. LeDrew, Dr. June
L08P0640 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Teachers' Experiences of Change in South Africa: For or Against? Carl, Prof. Arend
L08P0641 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Value of In-Field Experiences: Providing Opportunity for Learning, Enrichment, and Sense of Community
  1. Cannon, Molly Boeka
  2. Cannon, Kenneth Paul
  3. Burger, Oskar
L08P0642 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Aligning Admissions Standards with Graduation and Retention Goals: A Case Study from the University of Hawaii
  1. Leonard, Dr. Barbara
  2. de Pillis, Dr. Emmeline
L08P0643 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Enabling Men in Literature: Teaching Male-Positive Masculinities in a Tertiary Level English Class Gouws, Dr. Dennis S.
L08P0644 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Creative Contexts for Learning: An Area of Professional Development for Trainee Teachers
  1. Austin, Julie Kathleen
  2. Coutts, Glen
  3. Mitchell, Liz
L08P0645 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Service-Learning and Math Anxiety: An Effective Pedagogy Connor, Dr. Bridget
L08P0646 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Using a Cold Homicide Case to Teach Criminal Profiling Crowder, Dr. Stan
L08P0647 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Peace Skills and Emotional Intelligence: A Practitioners' Approach
  1. Connor, Dr. Bridget
  2. Bardol, Diane
L08P0648 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Conceptual Multi-Disciplinarity: Enabling Students to Critique the Terrain of Higher Education Gordon, Dr. Barbara
L08P0649 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Education and Labour Force Participation of Women in the Lao PDR: Challenges and Prospects Marshallsay, Dr. Zaniah
L08P0650 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Automated Marking of Individualised Paper-Based Accounting Assignments Hamilton, Ian Robert
L08P0651 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Efficiency in the Selection of Students in Kenyan Public Universities Wambua, Mr Richard
L08P0652 Paper Presentation Accepted no
A Working Commitment among Trainee Teachers: A Meta Evaluation Approach Hamzah, Prof. Mohd. Sahandri Gani
L08P0653 Paper Presentation Accepted yes
Greek Teachers’ Anxieties and Ways of Coping
  1. Andreou, Dr. Eleni
  2. Andreou, Dr. Eleni
L08P0654 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Human Being as Unlimited Data Warehouse: Mind, the Ideal Data Mining Tool Ananthaswamy, Prof. Prabhakar
L08P0656 Virtual Presentation Accepted yes
The Effects of Strategic Morphological Analysis: A Study on Vocabulary Instruction Harris, Dr. Monica
L08P0659 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Capture Technology and the Use of Popular Film to Demonstrate Theory in Action
  1. Mysyk, Dr. Noreen F.
  2. Mason, Barrie
L08P0660 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Learning to Care: Using Simulated Clients in Social Work Education Tunney, Dr. Kathleen
L08P0661 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Distance Learning and Student Recruiting Using an Internet Controlled Robot
  1. Mokhtar, Dr. Wael
  2. Walworth, Morrie
  3. Hester, Justin
  4. Dyer, Gail
L08P0662 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Teaching the Predictable Nature of Informational Text Marinak, Dr. Barbara A.
L08P0663 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Motivating Students To Continue Learning – After The First Exam Has Been A Disaster!
  1. Dutta, Dr. Amitabh S.
  2. Ingram, Dr. W. Rhea
  3. Hogan, Dr. Patrick
L08P0664 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Case-Based Reasoning as a Strategic Teaching Tool Mathews, Dr. Pamela
L08P0665 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Guaranteeing the Failure of First-Year Composition Kutney, Dr. Joshua P.
L08P0666 Paper Presentation Accepted no
ThinkeringSpace: An Experiment in Exploratory Learning
  1. Moura, Heloisa
  2. Fahnstrom, Dale
  3. Prygrocki, Greg
  4. McLeish, T.J.
L08P0667 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Systems Thinking: The Art of Understanding the Dynamics of Systems Mella, Prof. Piero
L08P0668 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Bilingual Concept Maps in Mathematics: Meaningful Learning for Latino LEP Students Curts, Dr. Jaime
L08P0669 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Teaching the Contemplative Eremitical (Hermit) Tradition in the Public University Undergraduate Classroom Herbst, Prof. Matthew
L08P0670 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Newspapers as Teaching Aids
  1. Desikan, Kalyani
  2. Swaminathan, Sainarayanan
L08P0671 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Learning Centered Innovation In Management Education: Kolb's ELT
  1. Gaur, Dr. Shubhra Prateek
  2. Kohli, Gaurav
  3. Khanna, Kriti
L08P0672 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Successful Retention of First Year Students Magrath, Dr. William
L08P0673 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Gains and Challenges in the National Accreditation Process: A Case Study
  1. Huang, Dr. Jingzi
  2. Barrea-Marlys, Dr. Mirta
L08P0675 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Privileged Few: Conceptualizing Contemporary International Education Chira, Sinziana
L08P0676 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Impact of HIV/AIDS Pandemic on AIDS Orphaned Girls' Education Development in Poor Sub-Saharan African Countries, Tanzania in Particular: Recommendations Mkwelele, Bertha Edward
L08P0678 Paper Presentation Accepted yes
Understanding the Process of Learning as Evolution of Learner's Cognitive Map Hardas, Manas
L08P0679 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Cooperative Peer Instruction: Positively Impacting English Learners' Reading Success Almaguer, Dr. Isela
L08P0680 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Storyboards Based on Instructional Design Principles: A Tool for Creating E-Learning Content
  1. Wan Hassan, Wan Adli Ridzwan
  2. Hamid, Suraya
  3. Norman, Azah Anir
L08P0681 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Myth and Reality of Organizational Learning Chia, Sook M. I.
L08P0682 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Literacy Skills of Undergraduate Education Students Thwaite, Dr. Anne
L08P0683 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
When You Must Learn While You Teach Sancho Gil, Prof. Juana M
L08P0684 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Can Consciousness Raising and Imitation Improve Pronunciation? Wong, Dr. Matilda
L08P0685 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
The Choice of Vocational Education for Senior Secondary Students in Urban China Zhang, Dr. Ning
L08P0686 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Teaching and Assessment of Practice-Based Units in Archaeology Gardiner, Dr. Paula J.
L08P0687 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Malaysian Students’ Perceptions in a Constructivist Environment: Engaging Students in Interactive Multimedia Learning
  1. Neo, Dr. Mai
  2. Neo, Dr. Tse-Kian
L08P0689 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Features and Advantages of MathEdit, a Web-Based Visual Interactive Editor for Mathematical Expressions
  1. Su, Wei
  2. Wang, Prof. Paul S
  3. Li, Prof. Lian
L08P0690 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Public Discourse: Experiential Training for Citizenship
  1. Brammer, Dr. Leila
  2. Wolter, Sarah
L08P0692 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Critical Thinking in the Middle School Science Classroom
  1. Pomahac, Guy A.
  2. Gunn, Dr. Thelma M.
L08P0693 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Rural Higher Education for Southeast Asia: A Case Study from Lao PDR Dimmitt, Dr. Nicholas
L08P0694 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Bringing Best Practices in Gifted Education for Culturally Diverse Learners to Developing Countries: Beginning with South Africa
  1. Scott-Carrol, Prof. Joy M.
  2. Davis, Dr. J. L.
  3. Osman, Prof. R.
L08P0695 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
I Create: Transforming Visual Arts Learning through Reflective Practice
  1. Ankersmit, Yon
  2. Scothern, Judy
L08P0696 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Collaborating with Families from Mexico: Recommendations for Teachers of Children with Disabilities in the United States
  1. Hobbs, Dr. Tim
  2. Silla, Dr. Vanessa
L08P0697 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Serving the Community for Self-Improvement: ESL Student Facilitators Speak
  1. Ismail, Dr. Noriah
  2. Elias@Alias, Suhaidi
L08P0698 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Self-Observation for Speaking Effectiveness: The Role of Video and Self-Generated Feedback
  1. Luke, LeFebvre
  2. Leah, LeFebvre
L08P0699 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Language Learning in a Virtual World Hislope, Dr. Kristi
L08P0700 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Public Spaces: Learning Through Visualization Othman, Mohd Kamal
L08P0701 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Motivation of Higher Education Faculty: A Factor Analytic Study
  1. Rashidi, Muhammad Zaki
  2. Jalbani, Dr. Amanat Ali
L08P0702 Paper Presentation Accepted no
A Program for Using Information Technology in Teaching: Developing Academic Abilities of Staff Members Kassab, Dr. Zeinab Mohamed Ibrahim
L08P0704 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Relationship Between a Literacy Program and Women’s Lives in a Rural Context: An Ethnographic Study from Pakistan Afzal, Tabassum
L08P0705 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Professional Preparation in Japanese Early Childhood Education Kai, Prof. Kimiko
L08P0706 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Trends in Science Teacher Training: Experience in the United States and the Czech Republic
  1. Nezvalova, Prof. Danuse
  2. Svec, Dr. Michael
L08P0707 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Using Cooperative Learning in Teacher Education Garcia, Dr. Criselda
L08P0708 Paper Presentation Accepted no
From Reluctance to Reluctance: Strategies for Starting a Faculty Development Program Humphreys, Don
L08P0710 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Using Individual Reflective Practice to Learn About Organizational Change Reilly, Dr. Anne H.
L08P0711 Paper Presentation Accepted no
From Edutainment to Serious Games: Exploring Their Educational Potential
  1. Mansour, Samah S
  2. El-Said, Dr. Mostafa
L08P0712 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Isolated Learning for Caring Professionals: Advantages and Challenges
  1. Singh, Dr. Mina
  2. Jeffrey, Dr. Janet
  3. Lindsay, Dr. Gail
L08P0713 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Integration of Project-Based Learning (PBL) into Mechanical Engineering Programs
  1. Mokhtar, Dr. Wael
  2. Duesing, Paul
  3. Hildebrand, Dr. Robert
L08P0714 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Putting Theory into Practice: An Example Using a Labour Market Game
  1. Esplin, Phyll
  2. Garces-Ozanne, Dr. Arlene
L08P0715 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Information Technology Literacy of Blind Elementary School Students: A Mexican Perspective Fajardo-Flores, Silvia Berenice
L08P0716 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Teaching the Math Disabled: A University Level Course for Math Disabled Students Bellomo, Carryn
L08P0717 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Utilizing the Performative Nature of Print Media for Active Learning: Textbooks and Other Educational Materials as Experience Peterson, Matthew
L08P0718 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Language Learning Strategy Use Among Chinese ESL Students in an Intensive English Learning Context Hou, Cai
L08P0719 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Of Constellations, Community and Citizenship: Revisiting 'Bullying' and School Violence Moy, Lisa
L08P0720 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Meeting Learners’ New Value Equation in Education Through the Virtual World Burton, George B.
L08P0721 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Impact of Discourses on Preservice Literacy Teacher Identity Development: Subjectivity and Agency Larson, Dr. Mindy Legard
L08P0722 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Studying Abroad: Learning [in] English Ng, Dr. Bonnie F Y
L08P0724 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Enhancing Employability Through Professional Experience and PDP
  1. Bleetman, Jacqui
  2. Webb, Lisa
L08P0726 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Exploring the Training Process and Personal Traits of Excellent Competitors Using Grounded Theory: An Example of Electrical Engineering Cluster Students
  1. Chen, Prof. Farn-Shing
  2. Chou, Hui-Wen
  3. Tu, Chia-An
L08P0727 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Targeting Pedagogical Effectiveness in Higher Education Through Diverse Instructional Techniques
  1. Zaki, Dr. Sajida
  2. Rashidi, Muhammad Zaki
L08P0728 Paper Presentation Accepted no
A Study of Cantonese Opera in Chinese Language Education in Hong Kong
  1. Ng, Dr. Fung Ping, Dorothy
  2. Chung, Dr. Ling-sung, Albert
  3. Lam, Wai-ip, Joseph
L08P0729 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Relationships Between School and the Daily Teaching Practice Eisenmann, Dr. Tammy
L08P0730 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Designing for Engaged E-Learning: TSOI Hybrid Learning Model Tsoi, Dr. Mun Fie
L08P0731 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Predictors of Success on the Certification Test for Educational Administration: Texas Preservice Principals in Review Hines, Dr. Mack
L08P0732 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
From Practice to Theory: The Pilot Study on Applied Learning
  1. Fung-yee NG, Dr.
  2. Hon-poo SOU, Howard
L08P0733 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Between Rocks and Hard Places: A View of Diversity, Generativity and Inclusion Hill, Dr. Simona
L08P0734 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Idea of the University in South Africa Today: According to Legal Prescription Pillay, Dr. Krishnavani
L08P0736 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Jesus Is My Business Manager: Debates on Enterprise, Social Provision and Investment in Education within Nigerian Pentecostal Ministries Hall, Dr. Philippa
L08P0737 Paper Presentation Accepted no
General Education in Higher Education: Making it Work, Making it Matter
  1. Connor, Prof Rebecca
  2. Cowan, Dr. Robert
L08P0738 Paper Presentation Accepted no
A Collaborative Agent for Peer Learning Interactions
  1. Kersey, Cynthia
  2. Di Eugenio, Barbara
L08P0739 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Learning and Applied Information Literacy: A Challenge for Higher Education!
  1. Brage, Christina
  2. Lantz, Agneta
L08P0741 Paper Presentation Accepted yes
Is an E - Learning Interactive Pharmacists' Study Group the Best Prescription for Welsh Pharmacists' Continuing Professional Education? Kale, Avril Rosalind
L08P0742 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Civil Rights and Mississippi History: The Continuing Education of a Catalog Librarian Ginn, Linda K
L08P0743 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Human Resources in the Drive towards Creativity and Organisational Innovation
  1. Martins, Ana
  2. Pereira, Dr. Orlando Petiz
  3. Martins, Ms. Isabel
L08P0744 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Contested Contexts for Collaborative Learning Dass, Dr. Barbara
L08P0745 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Investigating the Change in Students’ Abilities to Draw Concept Maps Yildiz Duban, Dr. Nil
L08P0747 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Active Learning in an Introductory Comparative Politics Classroom Holzhauer, Dr. Debra
L08P0748 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Flaming Issues in Online Courses Hsu, Dr. Tzu-Yi
L08P0749 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Reading Experiences of Primary Schools Students Girmen, Dr. Pinar
L08P0750 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Community and Commitment: How Social Dynamics May Affect the Learning Process for High School Students
  1. Nisbet, Dr. Deanna
  2. Wighting, Dr. Mervyn
  3. Martins, Dr. Patricia F.
  4. Liu, Dr. Jing
L08P0751 Paper Presentation Accepted no
A Center for Academic Achievement: How Changing Institutional Beliefs About Teaching and Learning Led to a Centralized Learning Environment
  1. Bukowiecki, Dr. Elaine
  2. Miskelly, Prof. Susan
  3. AuCoin, Dorie
L08P0752 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Explicit First Year Support Through University Student Mentoring Saich, Ginny
L08P0753 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Literacy for 21st Century Learning Norman, Nancy
L08P0754 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Object Oriented Paradigm: Cognitive Models of Understanding
  1. Georgiev, George
  2. Valova, Iren
  3. Tchimev, Plamen
  4. Gueorguieva, Natacha
L08P0757 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Teacher’s Views of Students in Estonian Schools Sarv, Ene-Silvia
L08P0760 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
SLA Reflections on Learning Arabic Via a Collaborative Diary Study DeSanto, Rachel
L08P0761 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Neuro-Creative Arts Theory: Applications for Special Education Garner, Dr. Rick
L08P0762 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Making Fun of School, or Why Does Learning Have to Be Such a Drag? Six Key Elements for Motivating Learning Zinn, Dr. Wilkins-O’Riley
L08P0763 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Work and Play: The Collections of an Art Teacher and Her Middle School Students and Their Implications for Art Practice and Visual Learning Nemeth, Jeanne
L08P0764 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Professional Knowledge Cultures, Teacher Education, Global Exchange, and Purpose: The Case of Lesson Planning
  1. Mac Donald, Dr. Suzanne
  2. Colville-Hall, Dr. Susan
L08P0765 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Global Awareness and Social Justice: Children’s/Adolescent Literature and Technology
  1. Smolen, Dr. Lynn Atkinson
  2. Mac Donald, Dr. Suzanne
L08P0767 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Hallway Project: Answers for Students Who Don't Go to Class Canner, Jonah
L08P0768 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Social Construction of Knowledge Online: Interaction Analysis of a Student Discussion Board Kildea, Dr. Shawn
L08P0769 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Peer-Led Learning/Assessment in the Gen-Ed Humanities Classroom
  1. Harker, Dr. Christine
  2. Gately, Dr. Pat
L08P0770 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Goal Orientation Following an Academic Failure
  1. Hoyert, Dr. Mark
  2. O’Dell, Dr. Cynthia
L08P0772 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Use of Computers in Turkish 4th Grade Science Courses Turkmen, Guzin
L08P0773 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Learning within Communities of Scholars: Academic Career as an Educational Process
  1. Ismail, Dr. Ismi Arif
  2. Abdul Wahat, Nor Wahiza
  3. Omar, Dr. Zoharah
  4. Krauss, Dr. Steven Eric
  5. Zainal Abiddin, Dr. Norhasni
L08P0777 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Science Activities in Preschool Education: Effective and Ineffective Activities in a Piagetian Theoretical Framework
  1. Ravanis, Prof. Konstantinos
  2. Pantidos, Dr. Panagiotis
L08P0778 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Effective Teaching and Learning: Measuring Effectiveness Mashaw, Bijan
L08P0779 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
The Innovative Mode in Cultivating Civil Engineering Professionals in China Tu, Zhengchun
L08P0780 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Social Anxiety Levels and Future Expectations of Teacher Candidates Ozturk, Dr. Abdulkadir
L08P0781 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Student Learning Style Instruments: A User Framework Maher, Elaine
L08P0782 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Novels as Reflections of Cultural Life in Malaysian Society
  1. Nik Affendi, Dr. Nik Rafidah
  2. Abd Rahim, Prof Dr. Normaliza
  3. Sujud, Dr. Arbaie
L08P0784 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Are We Preparing Teachers to Teach in Diverse Classrooms? Mungai, Dr. Anne Mary
L08P0785 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Work-Based Learning: A Critique Wang, Dr. Lurong
L08P0786 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Gender in the Frame of Preschool Education Sakellariou, Prof. Maria
L08P0788 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Metacognition: What Roles Does It Play in Students’ Academic Performance?
  1. Zulkiply, Norehan
  2. Kabit, Mohamad Raduan
  3. Abd Ghani, Kartini
  4. Hidayah Abas, Nurul'Ain
L08P0789 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
The Effective Use of Educational Technology for Religious Education in Secondary Schools in Lagos State Nigeria Adebule, Idiat Oluranti
L08P0791 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Project Based Learning in Analog Electronics
  1. Padir, Dr. Taskin
  2. Jones, Dr. Andrew H.
L08P0792 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Role Modelling as a Means of Enhancing Performance of Nigerian Girls in Science,Technology and Mathematics Education Duyilemi, Dr. Augustina
L08P0793 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Environmental Education Programs and Their Impact on Dyslexic and Non-dyslexic Primary School Students’ Knowledge of Environmental Problems
  1. Dimakopoulou, Maria
  2. Xanthakou, Prof. Yota
  3. Andreadakis, Nikos
  4. Kaila, Maria
L08P0794 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Gender and Educational Stream Differences in Memory Retention for Verbal and Non-verbal Tasks
  1. Zulkiply, Norehan
  2. Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, Dr. Shahren
  3. Abd Ghani, Kartini
  4. Chen, Po Ling
L08P0795 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
A Scaling Study Using the Pairwise Comparison Method Guler, Nese
L08P0797 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Work and Learning Outcome: The Effect of Job Characteristics on Mentoring Relationships Vaaland, Prof. Torbjorn
L08P0800 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Improving the Learning Experiences of Secondary NESB Students in the Mainstream English Classroom: Strategies and Solutions Long, Sarah Louise
L08P0801 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Worm Analysis through Computer Simulation (WAtCOS)
  1. Mohd Saudi, Madihah
  2. Mohd Tamil, Emran
  3. Idna Idris, Mohd Yamani
L08P0802 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
The Use of Experiential Methods to Enhance Learning in Business Management Education Kattarwala, Miss Nafisa
L08P0804 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Quantity and Quality in Pharmacy Education Can Be Maintained with a Problem Based Learning Approach Mabope, Lindi Angeline
L08P0805 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Webforum and Peer Learning at the University: An Action-Pesearch
  1. Cortini, Prof. Michela
  2. Tanucci, Prof. Giancarlo
L08P0807 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Adult English Language Acquisition: Adult ESL
  1. Rocha, Priscilla
  2. Vargas, Esther
L08P0808 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Are Academic Underachievement and Behaviour Problems Compatible? Evidence from Mainland Chinese Students Li, Haibin
L08P0809 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Listening to Academic Lectures: The Use of Discourse Markers Othman, Dr. Zarina
L08P0811 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Development of Children's Aptitude for Comparison in Kindergarten Michalopoulou, Prof. Aikaterini
L08P0812 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
A Graduate Program as Meaningful Professional Development: Meeting the Needs of Classroom Practitioners within Graduate Study Corkery, Dr. Martha
L08P0813 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Science and Engineering Students: Are They Entrepreneurial? Lope Pihie, Prof. Zaidatol Akmaliah
L08P0814 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
ACE Reading for English Language Learners: An Online Professional Development Program Kim-Rupnow, Dr. Weol Soon
L08P0817 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Sustainable Workspace: A Grant Sponsored University/Industry Design Project Schneiderman, Prof. Deborah
L08P0818 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Exploring the Psychology of Teachers' Learner-Centered Beliefs and Classroom Practices Alcantara, Dr. Maria Cynthia A.
L08P0821 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Experiences with the JoinIn Clicker Response System: A Pilot Study Andreas, Dr. Cynthia
L08P0822 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Distributed Cognition in Learning Mok, Jeffrey
L08P0823 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Social Partnerships in Learning: Understanding the Identities of Disenfranchised Regional Learners Wallace, Assoc. Prof. Ruth
L08P0824 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Effect of Communicator Style on Teaching Effectiveness Schroeder, Anthony B
L08P0825 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Using Metaphor Analysis to Uncover Learners' Conceptualizations of Academic Literacies in Postsecondary Developmental Contexts Armstrong, Dr. Sonya L.
L08P0826 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Pedagogy Matters! Creating a Model of Practice Which Reflects the Principles of Effective Teaching and Learning Cara, Coral
L08P0827 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Effect of Internet on the Quality of Education in Primary Schools Aktay, Dr. Sayim
L08P0828 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Leadership Coaching: Using 360 Feedback to Create Institutional Change Hills, Laura
L08P0831 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Turning Scientific Laboratory Research into Innovative Instructional Material for Science Education: Case Studies from Practical Experience Srisawasdi, Dr. Niwat
L08P0832 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Contribution of Informative Texts in the Development of Infants’ Verbal Skills
  1. Sivropoulou, Prof. Irene
  2. Sakellariou, Prof. Maria
L08P0833 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Conventional System Program (CSP) as an Effective Method In Managing Student Discipline In Schools Zainal, Dr. Khalim
L08P0834 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Exploring Concept Maps and Knowledge Integration in Teacher Learning
  1. Salmon, Diane
  2. Kelly, Melissa
L08P0835 Paper Presentation Accepted no
In Whose Language Should We Teach? A Comparison of Historically Disadvantaged Student English and Home Language Capabilities at a South African University Senior, Dr. John
L08P0836 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Structure of Pupils’ Written Explanations Within the Framework of the Didactic Elaboration of Pupils’ Obstacles in Science
  1. Skoumios, Dr. Michael
  2. Hatzinikita, Prof. Vassilia
L08P0837 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
A Collaborative Professional Development Teaching Model: Supporting Academic Excellence for Limited English Proficiency Students
  1. Albrecht, Dr. Nancy
  2. Sehlaoui, Dr. Abdelilah
L08P0838 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Using E-learning to Integrate Professional and Undergraduate Learning: Creating Pedagogical and Operational Synergies Online
  1. Macdonald, Iain
  2. Evans, Dr. Philip
L08P0839 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Understanding the Voices of Single Women: The Role of Education
  1. Othman, Dr. Zarina
  2. Zainal, Associate Prof. Dr. Khalim
  3. Ibrahim, Rozita
  4. Hassan, Dr. Zaharah
  5. Mastor, Prof. Khairul Anwar
L08P0840 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Integration of ICT in Malaysian Secondary Schools: What Conditions Will Facilitate Its Use?
  1. Khalid, Mdm Fariza
  2. Hj Nawawi, Dr. Mokhtar
  3. Roslan, Dr. Samsilah
L08P0841 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Autistc Learners: Oxymoron or Proven Method for Teaching? Tate-Braxton Barker, Dr. Carbestha
L08P0843 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Chronicles of Suicide: Young Women’s Writings as Defence Karagiozis, Dr. Nectaria
L08P0844 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
What Does It Mean to Care?
  1. Huffman, Dr. Victoria
  2. Brubaker, Dr. Cindy
L08P0845 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Exemplary Teachers of Students in Poverty Munns, Dr. Geoff
L08P0846 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Leadership Behaviors of Women Academic Leaders in Malaysia
  1. Hassan, Zaharah
  2. Silong, Abu Daud
L08P0847 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Using Celebrity Football Players as Teacher's Aides to Enhance the Learning of Children Who Have Challenging Behaviours
  1. Chessor, Dr. Danuta
  2. Gilbert, Dr. Emilee
L08P0848 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
The Influence of Course Format on High School Student Test Scores in Economics: The Case of New Mexico Matta, Benjamin
L08P0849 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Gender and Cultural Diversity in Malaysian English Textbooks: Fact or Myth?
  1. Hamid, Assoc Prof Dr Bahiyah Dato' Hj Abdul
  2. Mohd Yasin, Dr. Mohd Subakir
  3. Keong, Dr. Yuen Chee
  4. Jaludin, Azhar
  5. Othman, Dr Zarina
L08P0850 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Using MOODLE in a Mathematics Method Course: Pre-Service Teachers' Perspective Zakaria, Dr. Effandi
L08P0851 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
A Decision Support System for Predicting Academic Performance of Candidates in Engineering Admissions using MARS
  1. Washington, D. George
  2. Kumar, D. Senthil
  3. Uthariaraj, Dr. V. Rhymend
L08P0852 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Laboratory Teaching: Attitudes And Practices Hamzah, Dr. Ramlah
L08P0854 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Customer Service for Schools: Lessons from Corporate America
  1. McDaniel, Dr. Gary Excell
  2. McDaniel, Dr. Heather Kae
L08P0857 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Techniques for Increasing Flexibility and Creativity in Collaborative Evaluations Rodríguez-Campos, Liliana
L08P0858 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Synergistic Mentoring: What Goes Around, Comes Around Littleton, Nan E.
L08P0859 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Enabling Exploration: Scenario Learning in Collaborative Education
  1. Davies, Brian F.
  2. Brumlik, Lann
L08P0860 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Teaching Values in a Materially-Rich but Morally-Poor Society
  1. Reynolds, Mary
  2. Tyree, Dr. Amanda
L08P0861 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Paradoxical Position of Self-reflection in Teaching and Assessment in Higher Education: Using Blogs in VLE as a Tool for Freeing and Curbing Thinking Rabikowska, Dr. Marta
L08P0862 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Building Pre-Service Teachers’ Awareness of Multiple Perspectives through Problem-Based Learning
  1. Drew, Dr. Margaret
  2. Mardis, Lori
L08P0863 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Happily Ever After: Imperfect and Preterit Tales McNeilly-Anta, Maria Teresa
L08P0865 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Situated Cognition and Technology: A Professional Development Model for Teachers Szymanski, Dr. Mark
L08P0866 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Reading as an Aspect of the Teacher Training Curriculum in Ghana
  1. Sekyi-Baidoo, Prof. Yaw
  2. Andoh-Kumi, Dr. Kingsley
L08P0867 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Investigating the Effectivness of Learning in Developing People: Knowmatics for Crossing the Digital Divide Mathew, Prof. Dr. Raju M.
L08P0868 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Using Technology Support to Develop Active Learning in Higher Education: A Case Study Jowallah, Dr. Rohan
L08P0869 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Cyberculture and Learning: New Processes within the Framework of the Globalised Society
  1. Bernal Guerrero, Dr. Antonio
  2. Cárdenas Gutiérrez, Dr. Antonio Ramón
L08P0870 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Connecting Student Academic and Personal Development: Service Learning and Academic Credit Day, Dr. Deborah A.
L08P0871 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Peer Tutoring in Technology Instruction and Integration: One Group of Teachers' Perception Thompson, Dr. Claudette
L08P0873 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Preparing Teachers to Meet the Needs of Diverse Learners through the Powerful Pedagogy of Servce-Learning Jagla, Dr. Virginia
L08P0874 Paper Presentation Accepted no
University Curriculum and Religions: Museum, Mausoleum, or Mansion? Acres, Dr. William
L08P0876 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
English in Domestic Language Policy in Ghana
  1. Andoh-Kumi, Dr. Kingsley
  2. Sekyi-Baidoo, Prof. Yaw
L08P0877 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Teaching Translation and Interpretation Wang, Dr. Jenny
L08P0878 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Interaction of Pedagogical Content Knowledge with Teachers’ Content Knowledge in Practice Sanni, Rasheed Ishola
L08P0881 Paper Presentation Accepted no
A Reflection on the Use of Mentoring of Early Career Academics to Improve Teaching and Learning Blissenden, Michael William
L08P0886 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Prospective Teachers’ Views on the Teaching of Various Fields Gultekin, Prof. Mehmet
L08P0887 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Co-operation between Russian and British Universities at Postgraduate Level: A Case Study of the BRIDGE (British Degrees in Russia) Project Mann, George
L08P0889 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Leadership and School Improvement
  1. Aitken, Dr. E. Nola
  2. Aitken, Dr Art
L08P0891 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
The Pedagogical Knowledge and Skills that Teachers Deem Most Important Hernandez, Dr. Anita
L08P0892 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Development of the Concept of Death in Children: New Insights to Children's Learning Process Fadul, Dr. Jose A.
L08P0893 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Listening: A Vital Skill for Learning
  1. Tindall, Dr. Evie
  2. Nisbet, Dr. Deanna
L08P0894 Paper Presentation Accepted no
The Contribution of Lifelong Learning to Human Resource Development Topuzovska, Marija
L08P0896 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Improving Reading Outcomes in Chinese Children with Specific Learning Disabilities: A Parent-Tutoring Intervention Using Curriculum Based Measurements and Responsiveness to Instruction Cheng-Lai, Dr. Alice
L08P0897 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Student Views of Assessment and Feedback: The Results of a Survey of University Students in North West England Carey, Philip
L08P0898 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Utilizing Integrative Group Plans as a Retention Strategy for Latino Students
  1. Boden-McGill, Dr. Carrie J.
  2. Usry, Yolanda
L08P0899 Paper Presentation Accepted no
What the Best Teachers Do: Seven Best Practices in the Classroom
  1. Boden-McGill, Dr. Carrie J.
  2. Lasker-Scott, Tennille
L08P0900 Paper Presentation Accepted no
From the Borderlands: Navigating Communities in the Induction Phase of Teaching Snyder, Kristine
L08P0901 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Conceptualizing Ethnomathematics as a Bridge Between Peace and Conflict: The Case of Cultural Artefacts Garegae, Dr. Kgomotso
L08P0902 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Representation of Identity in Linguistic Minority International Students Rahman, Nira
L08P0903 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Computerized Models in Physics Teaching: Computational Physics and ICT Psycharis, Prof. Psycharis S.
L08P0904 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Developing Open Educational Resources Through Knowledge Maps to Enhance Meaningful Learning
  1. Okada, Dr. Alexandra
  2. Connolly, Teresa
L08P0905 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Computer Games’ Impact on Non-Aggressive and Aggressive Behaviors In Adolescents
  1. Petrescu, Dr. Poesis Diana
  2. Toma, Dr. Roxana Andreea
L08P0906 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Iconic Representations and Statistical Problem Solving: The Case of Greek Pupils Anastasiadou, Dr. Sofia D.
L08P0907 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
A Practical Imperative: Bridging the Gap Between the College Classroom and the Teaching Internship OConnor, Prof. Sean
L08P0909 Workshop Presentation Accepted no
Challenges to Strengthening the Teaching and Research Nexus in the First- Year Undergraduate Curriculum D. Wood, Dr.
L08P0910 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Socially Engaged Research, the Academy and Social Movements-The Case of South Africa Vally, Mr Salim
L08P0912 Plenary Presentation Accepted yes
The Views of Primary School Teachers on Their Own Professional Proficiency and Development: A Turkish Profile Mentis Tas, Dr. Ayse
L08P0913 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Pre-reading Activities: A Neglected Reading Stage in the Greek as a Second Language Vazaka, Martha
L08P0914 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
21st Century Literacies: What We Know, What We Don't Know and What Evidence is Needed to Make More Informed Decisions? Lawless, Kimberly
L08P0915 Plenary Presentation Accepted yes
Opinion of Undergraduate Students on Accepting E-Learning Instruction of Faculty of Industrial Education, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang Shinatrakool, Dr. Ravewan
L08P0916 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Approaching to Learning Through the Simultaneous Ways of Representing Young People Biographical Trajectories Hernández, Fernando
L08P0918 Plenary Presentation Accepted no
Using Computer Technology as Tools to Improve the Teaching-Learning Process in Technical and Vocational Education: Mechanical Engineering Subject Area
  1. Abdulrasool, Salah Mahdi
  2. Mishra, Dr. Rakesh
L08P0919 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Best Practices of Program Review and Assessment in Online Learning Institutions: A Collaborative Approach
  1. Turner, Dr. Freda
  2. McDaniel, Dr. Heather
L08P0920 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Student Assessment on PISA Science Items: Methodological Issues
  1. Apostolopoulos, Dr. Constantinos
  2. Psalidas, Dr. Argyrios
  3. Hatzinikita, Dr. Vassilia
  4. Katsis, Athanassios
L08P0921 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
(Im)Possible Dream of Academic Freedom and Autonomy
  1. Ekstrand, Dr. Lasse
  2. Wallmon, Dr. Monika
L08P0922 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
A Franchise Model for Distance Learning in Developing Countries Srinivasan, Dr. Meena
L08P0923 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
'Oops, She's Moved; the Sage on Stage Is Now Guide on the Side': Looking Good – 21st Century Pedagogy in an Australian K-12 School
  1. Watson, Vicki Marlene
  2. Wood, Karen
L08P0924 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Multimodality Pedagogies: A Multiliteracies Approach Cloonan, Dr. Anne
L08P0925 Paper Presentation Accepted no
Epiphanies in Action: Teaching and Learning in Synchronous Harmony
  1. Cole, Dr. David R.
  2. Throssell, Dr. Paul
L08P0926 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Biopedagogism: A New Synthesis
  1. Alahiotis, Prof. Stamatis
  2. Karatzia-Stavlioti, Eleni
L08P0928 Virtual Presentation Accepted no
Curriculum and the Training Package in Australian Vocational Education and Training: A Case Study of Changing Governance Smith, Helen
L08P0929 Virtual Presentation Accepted no

Total results: 732