Strategies to Promote Effective Learning in Higher Education: A European Perspective

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Under the Bologna reform, still in progress in Europe, major changes are being introduced in the organisation of Higher Education (HE), concerning both the degree structure and the organisation of teaching and learning. Bologna has been a political motive to speed the need of a profound reform in HE systems in Europe. One of the Bologna guidelines refers to the student-centred approach to teaching and learning and the design of the curricula based on competences and learning outcomes. In order to achieve a student-centred approach, teaching and learning strategies need to change. Until recently we faced a traditional teaching model, centred on the teacher with the predominance of information passing style in lectures and where assessment did not have a visible effect on the system. Indeed, the pursuing of excellence in teaching and learning has been a motive for long discussions in academia in the past 10 years. Issues such as teaching and research nexus, students’ autonomy and self-regulation learning strategies, inquiry-based learning and e-learning lead to the following question: what strategies are being developed and taking place in the University context to actively engage students in constructing their knowledge? The authors intend to explore the importance of promoting effective learning in HE by addressing: i) the theory and studies conducted on the subject; ii) the importance of the European Guidelines for speeding the change of innovative teaching and learning approaches, iii) the problems faced by the new generation of learners and teachers; iv) some case-studies to promote effective learning; and finally iv) some reflections for further work.

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Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy; Student Learning, Learner Experiences, Learner Diversity
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Paper: Strategies to Promote Effective Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

Dr. Isabel Huet

Researcher in Higher Education, University of Aveiro
Aveiro, Portugal

Dr Isabel Huet has a Ph.D. in Education and is currently a Research Fellow at the University of Aveiro in Portugal. Her research interests include new teaching and learning approaches with emphasis on engineering and science education, e-learning, collaborative learning, and linking teaching and research in Higher Education. Currently she is also interested on professional training of university teachers and the implications of the Bologna process in curricula design, teaching and learning.

Dr Lisa Lucas

Graduate School of Education Organisation, University of Bristol

Prof. Alan Jenkins

Emeritus Professor, Oxford Brookes University

Prof. José Tavares

Department of Education, University of Aveiro

Prof. Nilza Costa

Department of  Didactics and Educational Technology, University of Aveiro

Claudia Ribeiro

Researcher, Department of Education, University of Aveiro

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