I Create: Transforming Visual Arts Learning through Reflective Practice

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This presentation reports on two educational initiatives in visual arts education in New Zealand. The first examines the impact of a student-directed programme of study and reflective practice on visual arts (painting, sculpture, design, photography, printmaking) learning among senior students at Lynfield College, a multi-cultural urban high school of 1800 students in Auckland. The second reports on an intensive foundation visual arts and digital design course for students new to or re-entering these disciplines, at Natcoll Design Technology, a tertiary education provider. Both of these initiatives focus on addressing the increasing importance and complexities of visual and technological literacy in the digital world, and how innovative curriculum delivery, instruction in higher level thinking skills, the use of a visual diary, the opportunity to undertake authentic personal practice, and use of a variety of assessment tools, motivate students to engage purposefully in coursework and create fluent visual outcomes. Students develop and extend creative communication skills whilst meeting formal assessment requirements, and at the same time adhere to current pedagogical practices. In addition, these initiatives equip students with the skills required to make informed decisions about future learning, and provide pathways into industry.

Keywords: Visual and Technological Literacy, Visual Arts in the Curriculum, Pathways of Learning into Creative Industries, Artist Models, Student Directed Programme of Study, Inquiry-Based Learning, Contextual Studies, Visual Diary, Reflective Practice, Self-Assessment, Standards- Based Assessment
Stream: Creative Arts and Learning
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Yon Ankersmit

Head of Visual Arts Department, Arts Faculty Leader, Lynfield College
Auckland, New Zealand

Head of the Visual Arts Department, Arts Faculty Leader Lynfield College
Auckland New Zealand Yon BA, COP Studio IV PHT, PG Dip Tchg, is a practicing artist and photographer who has been teaching visual arts, specialising in photography and painting, in the secondary education sector for fifteen years. She is a recipient of a 2008 New Zealand Mathematics, Science and Technology Teacher Fellowship, administered by the Royal Society of New Zealand, and is studying Visual and Technological Literacy in Digital Media Design Education and Industry, whilst being hosted by Natcoll Design Technology. For her post graduate study at the Auckland University College of Education her research interest focuses on the role of cultural heritage in visual literacy amongst senior high school students.

Judy Scothern

Assistant Principal, Diploma Graphic Design
Auckland Campus, Natcoll Design Technology

Auckland, New Zealand

Assistant Principal at Natcoll Design Technology in Auckland, New Zealand.
Dip. Fine Arts, Dip. Teaching, Dip. Judy has had 31 years of visual arts teaching experience in New Zealand secondary schools, specialising in design, printmaking, and photography. She has been a regional Curriculum Advisor for the visual arts, National Assessment Standards Facilitator and a National Moderator. Judy currently has a study award to research contemporary learning tools that can be used to enhance Visual Literacy in education. Part of her study will include generating professional development opportunities for teachers that will enable them to meet student needs in an increasingly digital world.

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