Teaching as an Emergent Process in the Context of Learning and Development

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Developmental models of learning have not received the degree of attention they deserve, particularly in their implications for teaching. Although developmental models of date back to Piaget, and were developed further by Bateson, it is only in more recent times that developmental theories of learning have come back into focus as important tools in understanding learning. In part, this is thanks to the insights provided by investigation of the phenomenon of the learning organisation. One of the important implications of a developmental approach to learning is that deep learning is an emergent process, rather than a mechanistic process. Although at early stages of development of the learner, learning is and probably needs to be bounded, as the learner develops to maturity as a learner, these boundaries need to become more porous and eventually disappear. If the teacher is to respond appropriately to the changing needs of the developing learner, then they need to embrace teaching as an emergent process, rather than the traditional, structured process that serves well enough for the learner at earlier stages of development

Keywords: Stages of Development, Teaching as Emergent Process, Learning as Emergent Process, Learning Organization, Deep Learning
Stream: Adult, Vocational, Tertiary and Professional Learning
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Paper: Teaching as an Emergent Process in the Context of Learning and Development

Dr. Patrick Bradbery

Director, Professional Development Unit
Faculty of Business, Charles Sturt University

Bathurst, NSW, Australia

Patrick is currently Director of the Professional Development Unit in the Faculty of Business of Charles Sturt University. The PDU develops and administers specialist industry based courses, both accredited and non-accredited. He has had an extensive career in business management, as well as management education. Patrick has had a long term interest in education and learning, particularly in the context of work organisations, and their leadership and management. His doctoral thesis was on learning, development and the learning organisation.

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