Exploring Television HIV/AIDS Education in light of Needs, Experiences and Expectations of Urban youth in Uganda

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The study is aimed at exploring the role of television HIV/AIDS education in light of needs, experiences and expectations of urban youth in Uganda. This follows concerns that past declining prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Uganda may not continue without a renewed focus on prevention. in the light if this, television is seen as one of the medium with the potential to communicate effectively to the urban youth given their diverse needs. Despite this potential, existing television HIV & AIDS programmes do not seem to have relevance to the urban youth as they have not played a central role in campaigns against HIV & AIDS in Uganda. Consulted literature indicates that with the exception of information transmitted via radio, other electronic media (and television in particular) have not played an important role in the dissemination of HIV & AIDS information in Uganda (Okuti, 2006; Albright et al, 2005). The study is located in the interpretivist paradigm and particularly based on the social cognitive theory. Qualitative methods are used to investigate the views of the youth, as well as their experiences and preferences for television HIV & AIDS education. Data is collected using focus group involving urban youth and individual interviews involving health educators, television staff and theatricals.

Keywords: Television, Urban-youth, HIV/AIDS Education, Needs, Experiences, Expectations
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy; Student Learning, Learner Experiences, Learner Diversity
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Exploring Television HIV/AIDS Education in Light of Needs, Experiences and Expectations of Urban Youth in Uganda

Frederick Kakembo

Dean of Students, Students Administration, Uganda Christian University
Mukono, Central, Uganda

I was born on 6th October 1964 at Kazo, Kampala district. I studied B.A Education and M.Ed. (Curriculum and Media) in Makerere University in 1985-88 and 1991-1993 respectively. I am now a student of PhD (Adult & Community education) in the University of Pretoria. I wa! s Dean of students and lecturer, Ndejje University and later transferred to Uganda Christian University as Dean of students and lecturer between 2000-up todate. I have been a lecturer in the department of Education teaching the following courses: Educational technology, Students Welfare Planning and Administration in Institutions of Learning, Curriculum studies Effective teaching in institutions of learning. Academic planning in institutions of learning. I have presented papers in workshops and conferences; The youth and recreation in HIV-AIDS control initiatives 2005, at the Africa association for health, physical education, Recreation sports and dances (AFAHPER-S.D) biennial Conference: Kenyatta University; Culture and innovations: Viability of participatory community media in health initiatives 2005. Paper presented at the 4th international cultural studies workshop in Uganda. 8th-10th August 2005 Makerere University; Educational Interventions In the HIV-AIDS Control Initiatives: Approaches and Media for Use in Theological Institut! ions and Bible Colleges in Africa 2005. Paper presented at the workshop Organized by MAP International, at the Uganda Martyrs Seminary Namugongo 1st \u2013 5th August 2005: Strategies for Funding of the Activities of the East African Universities Sports Federation 2003 . Sponsored by the Inter-University council for East Africa, at Nairobi University, Kenya; The Education Challenge in the Industrialization of Uganda. At the 1st Industrialization workshop in Uganda, organized by The Center for Basic Research C.B.R Kampala, Uganda; the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences (CSSSC) Kolkata, India, and The Institute of Development Studies (IDS) Rockslide University, Denmark. Preparing for and Facing Interviews. Presented at the National youth Careers Workshop organized by The Rotary Club of Kampala-Ssese Island on 4th October 2003 at Uganda Christian University Mukono. Education in Relation To Production Processes. At the Pan-African colloquium on Education and Development in the Post-colonial Africa. University of Cape Town, South Africa, December 12th-14th

Ref: L08P0006