How to Integrate MOODLE into the Brick and Mortar Classroom

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At Cambridge Isanti High School in Cambridge, MN, the Science Department, Social Studies Department, and World Languages Department have begun the integration and implementation of using an online Learning Management System (LMS) called MOODLE. This LMS is an Open Source (free) software that teachers can use to publish their coursework online effectively and efficiently for 100% online courses or hybrid courses. MOODLE is being integrated in the following manners at CIHS:

  1. To post PowerPoint Notes, Word documents such as labs or worksheets for students to view if they were absent and/or to review at a later date.
  2. To provide links to online resources, audio and/or video recording of lessons, lectures, quizzes, or tests.
  3. To develop online communication skills, responsible lifelong learners and familiarity with bulletin boards and online course designs.
  4. To provide Computer Course Curriculum's in 100% electronic online manner, as well as to implement the capability to turn electronic documents in without printing a paper copy.
  5. To increase the effectiveness of regular asynchronous communication between the school, parents, teachers, and students.
  6. Developing distance learning remedial course offerings incorporating video, audio, and print formats for students who need credit recovery both within the Cambridge Isanti School district as well as outside the school district.


  1. It is an easy way to get teachers to publish information online.
  2. To develop social constructivist learning components and social networking capabilities in an educational, professional, and safe manner.
  3. MOODLE allows for effective communication between the school, teacher, parent, and student to take place.
  4. MOODLE allows for Differentiation of Curriculum to take place.
  5. MOODLE helps schools, teachers, and students meet ISTE National Educational Technology Standards.

As technology standards are increased and demanded by the public, schools need to find ways to implement curricular standards using technology. Online learning is rapidly becoming a common method of instruction. To prepare students for the future collaborative, global society in business and education, we must use tools that promote collaboration, communication, and critical thinking skills. Moodle addresses these issues and provides a stable, effective, time-tested tool for the K12 school system.

Keywords: Distance Learning, Lifelong Learners, Meeting Technology Standards, Collaboration, K12 Online Environment, Teacher Websites
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy; Student Learning, Learner Experiences, Learner Diversity
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Paper: How to Integrate MOODLE into the Brick and Mortar Classroom

Raymond J. Sperl

Head of Science Department, Chemistry and Physics Teacher, Cambridge Isanti High School
Cambridge, MN, USA

My name is Mr. Raymond Sperl, I possess a Bachelors Degree in Physical Science Secondary Education from Bethel University, a Master in Education via Distance Learning in Curriculum and Instruction from the College of Saint Scholastica, and I am currently ABD in the Educational Doctorate program at Bethel University in St. Paul, MN. I have 12 years of teaching experience that includes Earth Science, Intro to Chemistry, Chemistry, Accelerated Chemistry, Intro to Physics, and Physics at Eagan High School and Cambridge Isanti High School (in MN) in a traditional brick and mortar format. Over the last year I have gained experience as an online instructor in various levels of Chemistry through Insight Schools of WI. I enjoy helping students and colleagues learn through the online educational environments that are gaining more and more popularity.

Paul Maltrud

Chemsitry Teacher, Cambridge Isanti High School
Cambridge, MN, USA

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