Teaching Experienced Writers to Write Anew

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Graduate students, returning students, and other experienced learners often have well-established writing methods that have "worked" for them, sometimes throughout lengthy and successful careers, in other fields. However, those methods must be adapted to suit new needs. For example, every American law student is required to pass an intensive Legal Writing course, where many are shocked to discover that their old style of writing will no longer bring success. Students should be encouraged and taught to keep the things that work while replacing those that don't in the new field of study. Unfortunately, most writers feel possessive of their writing, and special teaching techniques are needed to reach the experienced writer.

Keywords: Writing, Teaching
Stream: Adult, Vocational, Tertiary and Professional Learning
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Prof. Ann Piccard

Assistant Professor of Legal Skills, Stetson University College of Law
Gulfport, FL, USA

BA, FLorida State University; JD, Stetson University College of Law; LLM (currently enrolled) University of London.

Ref: L08P0582