Productive Pedagogy as a Functional Framework in Implementing the New Teacher Education Curriculum of the Philippines: The Region III Pre-service Teachers’ Experience

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This study coincides with the regional professional development program on the implementation of the new pre-service teacher education curriculum of the Philippines. It underscores key concepts that are relevant to the application of the new curriculum . It likewise stresses key areas such as paradigm shift to professional development and learning, designing teaching episodes with emphasis on higher order thinking skills, and, application of productive pedagogy/ies in the classroom.

This undertaking employed the descriptive type research. The focus of the study is drawn from a survey as well as critical reflection conducted among 37 pre-service teachers regarding their teaching practices and how the productive pedagogies functionally work in the classroom. The questionnaire includes an assessment of how often the said productive pedagogies are applied in the classroom as part of the teaching-learning episode within a semestral framework. The critical reflection, on the other hand, highlights issues of pedagogy in two directions: a) critical reflection on pedagogy at tertiary level as modeled paradigm for practice and b) critical reflections on “repertoires of practice” compatible with understanding of good pedagogic practice. This research tried to achieve an inquiry approach to the teaching practices via reflection which encourages higher intellectual engagement and relevance for the pre-service teachers. An important assumption framing the said practice is the “modeled” investigative processes which enhance participation and consequent classroom practice.

Keywords: Productive Pedagogy, Functional Framework, New Teacher Education Curriculum of the Philippines
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy; Student Learning, Learner Experiences, Learner Diversity
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Dr. Richard Daenos

Department Chair, Professional and Special Education, College of Education, Angeles University Foundation
Angeles City, Philippines

Dr. Richard Albert G. Daenos is a full professor at Angeles University Foundation–College of Education and currently holds the chair position for Professional Education and Special Education Courses. He earned his Doctor of Philosophy major in Educational Management, Master of Arts in Special Education and Master of Arts in Education major in English (all) from AUF. He was a two-time recipient of the AUF Model Faculty Award and was also accorded the TOPM for Teaching B Category in 2006 by Private Education Retirement Annuity Association (Philippines).

Ref: L08P0505