Imagination Creation For Life: Passion and Fun For Life

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Children respond to a safe, challenging environment in which all fear of ‘getting it wrong’ and ‘looking silly’ have been removed. The workshop demonstrates how children at all levels can be reached and challenged by the same material at the same time. Demonstrating how and why the brain needs to be warmed up before working, includes warm-ups for the brain, imaginary adventures students will picture clearly and become personally involved in, techniques in getting even the most reluctant writers to write gladly while at the same time challenge those who need extension. Removes self-doubt in creative writing, demonstrates the ability to travel faster than the speed of light and shows what it takes to make anything possible for our lives.

Keywords: Literacy, Reading, Confidence, Self-esteem/belief, Passion for Living, Inspiration, Laughter
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy; Student Learning, Learner Experiences, Learner Diversity
Presentation Type: Colloquium in English
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Robert David Daniel
Albany, Western Australia, Australia

I am 48, love traveling the world, have opened curry restaurants, Backpackers Hostels, local newspapers and lived in the Greek Islands, UK (where I was born), Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Italy and Australia. I have a passion for making education fun for children, am a children's author who enjoys working with young people in developing their own work. is a collaborative writing and illustration studio, home to the imagination. I also spent three years working with young people in primary schools developing the worlds first online newspapers run by primary age children. Curently touring The Imagination creation Show with cartoonist Dave McCleery.

Dave McCleery

Affiliation not supplied
Buxton, UK

Dave McCleery (Dave) is an artist from Ireland who specialises in mural painting, cartooning, caricature and illustration. He connects with and shares his passion with an easy going, understanding, supportive style, which ensures children are compelled to work with him at a very high level. He is able to pass on his skills to both talented and novice artists in a way that leaves them inspired and confident in their own ability.

Alison Welsh

Theatresports Trainer
Albany, Australia

Alison is a drama teacher, motivator, presenter and Theatresports trainer and tours schools in Australia independently and with Rob Daniel, making a prfound difference in the lives of young people.

Paula Daniel

Affiliation not supplied
Albany, Australia

Paula works with children and teachers in developing self-esteem in young people in order to create a life they love. Paula is passionate about cutting the youth suicide rate down to zero by implementing ideas and thought processes which empower and stimulate young people to be whoever they want to be.

Steve Hamerslag

Affiliation not supplied
Albany, Australia

Steve is a humor therapist, motivator, comedian and presenter who works in both the school and business environment, empowering people he works with to be the very best they can be in whatever they choose to do. Steve has worked in television and radio in Australia and the UK and is also a life coach.

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