Christian Education: For Polemics and Indoctrination?

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Christian education summons up various images. The first is the Christian faith being presented as a knowledge base to Christian believers in an educational, though not necessarily non-denominational environment. The second would be education across broad curriculum areas within a Christian culture. Christian values are caught rather than taught in this environment, although some formal presentation of the Bible and faith may take place. Some might argue that Christian education is designed for polemics and indoctrination. Whereas some might argue that Christian education is for demonstrating Christian acts of charity and mercy. What is Christian education? Is the purpose of Christian education for polemics and indoctrination? Is it possible to present the truths of Christianity without indoctrination and without polemics? This paper seeks to deal with the issues surrounding Christian education. Thus, the answers of these questions are addressed.

Keywords: Polemics, Indoctrination
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy; Student Learning, Learner Experiences, Learner Diversity
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Maxwell Abbott

Student, School of Theology, The University of Auckland
Auckland, New Zealand

Maxwell is an adult educator. He teaches ESOL and community education courses. He holds a diploma in Licentiate Theology. He is currently completing his degree in Theology at the University of Auckland

Anita Abbott

Faculty of Education
Auckland, New Zealand

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