(Forth)with, Which I Write/Teach and (Forth)which I Teach/Write With

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The demands of scholarship/teaching require immediate action, whichforth must not be delayed. In this publication to be, I propose a new form of teaching/scholarship that denies the possibility of rearticulation and reversal in regard to academic entitlements. This, of course, bears strongly on our positional and pre-positional realities.

To accomplish such prodigious emblematics, I examine the inscriptions and reinscriptions of recent teaching/scholarship as it pertains to popular discourse. The popularity of such, however, is not accepted as normative prescription. Through a mixed and methodical approach, employing critical discourse analysis and scientifically-based preferrables, I bridge the policy-practice divide, multiplying rather than simply adding issues of solution.

By engaging with such linguistic confrontations I proceed forthright to the hierarchy of poststructural propositions, which I fourth, not double write: (1) With which we write, (2) which we write with, (3) we write with which? and ultimately, we end where we began, by (re)stating our ultimate question as teacher/scholars (4) Write with? Which we? This brings to the forefront our unavoidable multiple voices, in teaching and writing, the question is, indeed, which we? Which we will write(./?)

Keywords: Teaching, Writing, Multiliteracies, Equity, Entitlements
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy; Student Learning, Learner Experiences, Learner Diversity
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
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Ms. Marni Portentius

Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Sciences, University of Athens
Athens, Attica, Greece

Ref: L08P0323