Intelligence in a New Key: A Study in Relatedness and Connectivity

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A fresh look at the word "intelligence", its origins and its applications as it relates to connectability in all of it's forms. Specifically, it takes a close look at the processes involved both from earliest childhood to the end of life, and from the individual to the global level. Using examples from the arts and from everyday life, this study focuses on the emergence of logic in some of its most rudimentary forms and how the ability to "get it" unfolds and develops (or not) with proportionate positive or negative impact at every level of relatedness, from individual, family and peer to community and global, as well as from every area, from the physical to the social and spiritual It considers the types of obstructions which stand ready at every turn to block development of this inborn ability, leading to minimal or no progressive expression in these areas through which an individual might contribute to an ever-advancing civilization. This study includes an interactive illustration through a performance of a musical form, "Theme and Variations", with a performance of the opening movement of Mozart's Sonata in A Major, K. 331,for piano.

Keywords: Intelligence in a New Key, A Study of Relatedness and Connectivity
Stream: Creative Arts and Learning
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
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Dr. Phyllis Ruocco

Chair, Department of Music, Department of Humanities, Philander Smith College
Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

The author's studies have been primarily in the field of music. With a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of North Texas, a Master of Music degree (University of Alabama) and a Bachelor of Music degree (Ouachita Baptist University), followed by a five-year stint teaching piano and theory at Central Missouri State College, Ruocco moved to Belgium where she continued studies at the City Conservatory of Mechelen (where Beethoven used to study when he came to Belgium to visit his grandparents), followed by piano study at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels where she was awarded the Superior Diploma with Distinction. She taught music at the British Scool of Brussels for seven years, then was awarded a position by Royal Appointment as a pianist for the Royal Conservatory School of Ballet in The Hague, Netherlands, a position which she held for five years. Upon moving back to the U.S. she began working in Nashville, Tn. as a songwriter. Currently she serves as chair of the Department of Music at Philander Smith College in Little Rock Arkansas where she teaches piano and theory. In addition, she is a songwriter working with writers in Pittsburg and Toronto, an in-house artist for the Gilded Rose Art Gallery in Rochester, Minnesota and a published writer.

Ref: L08P0271