The Realization of Entrepreneurial Skills through Marketing Plan Completion: Upper-Level Marketing Students’ Enhanced Learning

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This presentation describes an action research enquiry into the progress of upper-level undergraduate marketing students’ learning during the development of marketing plans for regional businesses. Bloom's taxonomy and entrepreneurial skills are foundation components of this process. The Advanced Marketing Seminar course which will be discussed implements project-based pedagogy. Sahnak and Napoli (2001) and Stanier (1997) support team projects as learning enhancement tools. Many students see the value of taking responsibility for their learning through practical, real-life experiential projects (Razzouk, Seitz, and Rizkallah, 2003). This pedagogical approach also calls on the students to apply entrepreneurial skills to marketing endeavors. This is relevant, because entrepreneurship in marketing is "an exploration of the ways in which entrepreneurial attitudes and behaviors can be applied the development of marketing programs" (Warren and Hills (1992, p. 2). Furthermore, the marketing seminar demonstrates realization of the National Content Standards for Entrepreneurship Education’s prescribed entrepreneurial traits and behaviors, specifically, leadership, personal assessment, and personal management. Lessons learned from this experiential approach include that students develop along with their academic maturation. Results of student evaluations of this process support the value of this experiential project. Additionally, entrepreneurial skills infused with other business education components are more effective than if taught as a separate topic. Furthermore, the involvement of the faculty member to focus upon the attainment of these skills is crucial for successful implementation . Finally, commitment by an on-campus entrepreneurship center, by alumni and by outside small business owners enriches the students’ entrepreneurial experience.

Keywords: Marketing Business Education, Entrepreneurship Skills Learning, Experiential Learning Format
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy; Student Learning, Learner Experiences, Learner Diversity
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Dr. Catherine Giunta

Associate Professor, Business Program
Division of Social Sciences, Seton Hill University

Greensburg, PA, USA

Catherine Giunta, Ph.D., SPHR is an Associate Professor in the Business Program of the Social Sciences Division at Seton Hill University. A former SHU C.A.S.E. (Council for Advancement and Support of Education, sponsored by Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching) Professor of the Year, her areas of specialization include Human Resources, Marketing, and Business Management. Presentations include the Academy of Business Education, The Institute of Behavioral and Applied Management, and the Annual Business and Leadership Symposium conducted by Fort Hays State University. Dr. Giunta is the former American Society for Training and Development national HRD Professor Field Editor.

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