Why not me: A Self Help Guide

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It would seem the whole world spends a lot of time asking the age old question of "why me?" Perhaps we would find ourself a whole lot happier if we just answered the question "Why Not Me". There are life lessons to change your life that you never realized you knew. Some of these lessons may include life,equal opportunity, love, education, finance, recreation, and of couse that place that we all long for somewhere over the rainbow. From almost the instant of our birth to the dreamed of golden age there are two simple lessons that can lead us to self satisfsction.

Keywords: Why Not Me?
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Dr. Fred Ferber

Academic Center Coordinator, Support Staff, Hinsdale Central High School
Hinsdale, Illinois, USA

Fred J. Ferber Ph.D. is presently employed as the Academic Center Coordinator at a prestigious Illinois High School. He is married, the father of two children and the grandfather of two. He was born in New Jersey before moving to the Chicagoland area as a teen. After a stint as an Army Aviator in the late 60's he began simultaneous careers in Aviation and Law Enforcemnet, earning the Law Enforcement Medal Of Honor for his work with youths and as an investigator. Upon retirement he began a third career in education after receiving his Doctor of Philosophy with a major in Psychology from Concordia College. He is the author of WHY NOT ME a self help guide published by iUniverse.

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