Promotion of Good Reading Habits in Higher Education: The Case of Kenyatta University

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An important role of university education is to promote the critical thinking abilities of the citizens that pass through it. Universities on the whole, and in Kenya in particular, admit students into undergraduate programmes who are critically deficient in their ability to process the very complex academic content that characterizes most of their course materials. Most universities, aware of this academic gap, have tried to imrove their students'critical reading capabilities through appropriate teaching methodology, facilities that increase their students' propensity to read as well as learning support programmes that specifically target the promotion of academic skills of which reading is an indispensable part. This study looked into the Kenyatta University teaching learning environment in order to understand the extent to which it supported the promotion of good reading habits. Data was collected through questionnaires, interviews, focus group discussions and observation schedules tha mainly targeted administration staff, lecturers and students in their third year of study. Findings review very high levels of satisfaction with the role of two support programmes offered to undergraduate students.These are Cmmunication Skills and Introduction to Critical and Creative Thinking Skills.

Keywords: Reading Skills, Academic Skills, Critical Thinking Skills
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy; Student Learning, Learner Experiences, Learner Diversity
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Dr Sophia Muthoni Ndethiu

Lecturer, Department of Education Communication and Technology, Kenyatta University
Nairobi, Kenya

I have a great interest in how students learn at university level. Have been assisting students improve their academic skills in Kenya and at Kenyatta University in particular for the last 17 years.Have specific interest in listening skills reading and writing skills areas that have published in referred journals.ATt Kenyatta University, I headed the communication Skills department for five years.Have coordinated curriculum review activities of the department, coordinated reaearch and publication in the developing a lot of interest in distance learning and how students learn through non-traditional modes.

Ref: L08P0021