Shifting a Traditional Approach to Learning: Fostering Student-centered Learning in a Taiwanese University

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Student-centered learning focuses on the needs of the students and a facilitator that guides the students. This is an approach to learning which can allow students to be active in their own learning and can enhance their learning ability as well as cultivate skills that are useful in today’s workplace. The major education style in Taiwan is traditionally teacher–centered. This case study therefore investigated whether students at a Taiwan university can break away from this traditional approach to learning and adopt some of the principles of student-centered learning. A triangulated method of data collection was employed, which included personal journal entries that addressed 14 open ended questions, records of group meetings, an interview schedule of 19 open-ended questions and observations. This paper focuses on the analysis of data from seven central Taiwan University Department of Applied Foreign Languages students and their adviser.

Keywords: Student-centered Learning, Learning Approaches
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy; Student Learning, Learner Experiences, Learner Diversity
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Richard McFarlane

Lecturer, Department of Commercial Technology Management, Ling Tung University
Taichung City, Taiwan

Richard McFarlane is a Canadian lecturer teaching conversation English for the Department of Commercial Technology and Management at Ling Tung University, Taiwan. He uses the communicative method of teaching as a way to allows students to use language for real language learning and to solve real problems. Group work dynamics, role play simulation and active, responsible learning are his major interests for helping students move beyond traditional learning in their learning of English

Paul S. Berg

Lecturer, Department of Applied Foreign Languages, Ling Tung University
Taichung City, Taiwan

Mr. Paul Berg is an American lecturer who has taught at Taiwan Universities for eighteen years.

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