Discrepancies between the Intended and In-use Physics Curriculum in Nigeria

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This study determined the discrepancies between the physics curriculum as intended and practical way the physics curriculum was applied with respect to structural configurations (performance objectives, arrangement of content and learning activities). Two hundred physics teachers were drawn from eight-two senior secondary schools in Nigeria. Data was gathered through a questionnaire and findings revealed generally, the unsatisfactory state of use of the physics curriculum. This was as a result of the disparity noticed in the structural configuration between the intended curriculum and the in-use curriculum except for performance objectives. It was recommended that there should be a process of continuous training on how best to utilize the physics curriculum in order to achieve the desired impact.

Keywords: Intended Physics Curriculum, In-Use Physics Curriculum
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy; Student Learning, Learner Experiences, Learner Diversity
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Dr. Tunde Owolabi

Lecturer, Department of Curriculum Studies
Faculty of Education, Lagos State University

Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria

Dr. Tunde Owolabi is a lecturer in the Department of Curriculum Studies, Lagos State University. He specializes in Science Education (Physics). His areas of interest include: curriculum and pedagogy, teacher training and professional development. He has several publications in national and international journals.

Ref: L08P0157