Assessment for Reflective Learning in the Creative Arts

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This presentation reports on a higher education case study conducted through the centre for excellence in performance arts at De Montfort University (UK). The case study sought to develop and test an innovative self-assessment model that could increase students’ ability to engage in reflective learning and overcome the challenges that practice-based assessment outcomes can present for self-assessment in the creative arts. Such outcomes are both ephemeral and embodied, therefore representations of these outcomes are captured though film, dialogue and writing in order to provide evidence in support of the students’ self-assessment. However, these representations are unable to capture learners’ subjective experience and reflection in their entirety. Philosophical considerations of the visual and the verbal as representations of embodied experience raise additional areas for consideration in the development of reliable and valid methods to assess students’ reflective and practical abilities in the creative arts.

Keywords: Assessment, Self-assessment, Practice-based, Reflective practice, Creative Arts
Stream: Creative Arts and Learning
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: , Assessment for Reflective Learning in the Creative Arts

Marie Hay

Dance Lecturer, The School of English, History and Performance Studies
Centre for Excellence in Performance Arts, De Montfort University

Leicester, UK

Marie Hay is a lecturer in dance at De Montfort University (UK). In that role, Marie teaches dance practice, choreography, historical and contextual studies and dance pedagogy. Research in the areas of assessment and feedback mean that Marie has become central to curriculum developments in dance at De Montfort. Current interests include philosophical notions of representation and the impact on pedagogy.

Ref: L08P0125