The Future of Education: Preparing Students for the Unknown

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The new millennium signals changes for many sectors of society, none more so than the future which lies ahead for the students currently in our schools and those students yet to arrive. Takapuna Grammar School has committed to a teaching and learning philosophy entitled “Aspiring to Personal Excellence through Knowing, Connecting, Relating and Supporting”. The teenagers of the future, and indeed today, are going to live in dynamic learning and working environment. This environment exists already, one characterised by changeable sources of information where content and context change so rapidly knowledge, as we know it, has an expiry date. The best schools now provide students with the ability to know how to manage and handle knowledge given its dynamism and change. Skills which are life long and transportable are prerequisite to future success. So in students we seek to develop a lifelong love of learning and an understanding of how learning happens. Students should be able to appreciate depth of knowledge and being able to discriminate its intellectual quality and accuracy; be able to organise knowledge in ways that help to retrieve and apply it; see knowledge not as an end itself but as the way to further learning; continually demonstrate curiosity and accept challenges. Like “real world” institutions, the most successful schools have a strong set of beliefs and values, a well communicated vision and clear direction. For schools, the vision must be clearly focussed on student achievement, making every decision an easy one. Quality teaching and learning activity will enhance student achievement thereby allowing top assessment results for individual students and schools. It is important to acknowledge the order, teaching and learning leads assessment. It is an excellent time to be an educational leader in schools. The renaissance of schools’ core business is exciting and dynamic, like knowledge itself. The opportunity to be educationally self leading is now upon us and the opportunity for educational leaders to influence student achievement is now greater than ever.

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Simon Lamb

Principal, Takapuna Grammar School
Auckland, New Zealand

Principal Simon Lamb has just completed his fourth academic year as CEO of Takapuna Grammar School. Appointed in October 2003, Simon came to the school from the position of Deputy Principal of Mahurangi College and previous to that was the Head of English at Rangitoto College.

In his time in the post, differences are already noticeable. Simon has come to Takapuna Grammar School with a dynamic vision for the school’s future and he has been proactive in sharing this with the community. Simon’s key focus for the school is on high quality teaching and learning. All other actions are geared to reinforce this vision. Simon is a strong believer in the traditional values and has actively promoted a disciplined learning environment where students are encouraged to strive for success and to be proud of themselves, their school and what it stands for.

An inspiring leader, Simon has had no difficulty in getting his staff to share his vision and as such, he has already created a dynamic teaching and learning environment. A strong believer in professional development for staff and maximizing Teaching and Learning, Simon has drawn on international speakers to contribute to the staff professional developments opportunities.

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